Monday, June 23, 2003

Staind Lyrics or Children's Poetry?

I have a quiz for you all to start off today’s thought. I was listening to the new Staind cd again and couldn’t help but notice, yet again, that the lyrics are absolutely horrible. They seem like they’re written by elementary school kids. Well, I decided I’d compare some elementary poetry and some Staind lyrics to see if we can come up with any differences. So, for the following lyrics, I want you to tell me if they are A) Staind lyrics or B) elementary kids’ poetry. The answers can be found at the end of today’s thought.

One summer day in the
in the month of May,
I was making my way through
the rain that day.

you'll never fade
the words you gave
my life you saved
your name was layne

so please don't take offense
this is just a point of view
cuz i'm the only one who
will say these things to you

Higher and higher
and higher I soar
The earth can not chain
me down anymore

my place to hide
to hide from how you made me feel
and I wonder how's your brother

I feel the tide move me back and forth
I feel peaceful when I am floating
I feel warm with each push of the breeze

I walked around
I lied around
I walked up to my mother and father
and asked them why! why! why!

thank you to the people in my life
for putting up with me
and thank you for the time you sacrificed
all on account of me

I’m laughing just from having to read through a bunch of kid’s poetry and then reading Staind’s lyrics and forgetting which one I was looking at! Ahh, I thought this might be enjoyable, so feel free to send it on to your friends! Remember, the answers are at the bottom of this thought.

Anyhow, again, it’s been a while since my last update. Alas, you’ll just get a lot crammed into one thought! This weekend I was up in St. Cloud again to visit Kristin. I headed up Friday afternoon at about 1 pm, hoping to avoid traffic, but instead I managed to hit it head-on. It took me over three hours to get to St. Cloud instead of the usual 2.25 or 2.5 hours it takes on a normal day. Oh, just in case you don’t know, I absolutely loathe driving for long periods of time. Anything over like a half an hour or so it usually too long for me. Driving 35-40 minutes every morning and afternoon to and from work is really pushing my limits, but I’ve been able to handle it ok so far.

Anyhow, I got up there, stopped in the comic shop to pick up some more boxes for storage and also to get the first couple of issues in the new Venom series. He’s always been a favorite Marvel villain in my eyes, just in case you’re wondering. After the quick comic stop, I got to Kristin’s place, hung out, ate, and then went out to catch a movie and some Cold Stone ice cream. Oh, how I had missed it so! It’s going to be a terrible combination when they finally get the Krispy Kreme constructed. I think I’ll probably die via donuts and ice cream next semester.

Saturday Kristin worked in the morning so I did some shopping and people watching around town. I also spent a good amount of time reading out in the sun since it was such a nice day—sunny and 80-odd degrees. The rest of the day was spent with Kristin. We went to the gardens in St. Cloud again (I still can’t remember the name of the place!) to see if there were any more flowers in bloom, but unfortunately there wasn’t really anything new from the last time we stopped in.

Sunday I headed back home early in the morning, got home at about noon, put a bunch of stuff away that I had out, did some random chores, tried to clean some in my room, fixed up my bike, road over to church for softball, played some ball, rode back home, did some reading, and then hit the sack. It really wasn’t that interesting of a day so I though I’d summarize it in one quick sentence for you :-) Ok, well, this is simply another recounting of my weekend activities, but hopefully soon I’ll have something interesting up for the few of you who are still reading. Later! Oh, and here’s the answers to the above quiz:

1)B 2)A 3)A 4)B 5)A 6)B 7) B 8)A

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