Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The Hulk

Last night my whole family went out to see the Hulk. It was kind of a “family bonding” thing, which I always enjoy. You never seem to get enough time to just spend with family, especially during the summer when everyone seems to be doubly busy. I thought the Hulk was a great movie. My brothers and dad also thought it was ok (but I don’t think they enjoyed it as much as I did), but my mom wasn’t all that keen on it. I guess you can’t please everyone.

As good as the movie was, seeing it where we did was a pain. We had to go see it at the Sterling 3 theater in Austin since the big Cinemagic theater wasn’t playing it. This is always a bummer. You see, Sterling hasn’t updated anything inside of their theater since, oh, probably 1985. Imagine what the inside of most dollar theaters are like and this is a perfect representation of it. The chairs are old, tattered, and discolored. The theater screen is about half the size of most modern screens. The sound system is a basic stereo setup with low volume. Ahhh!!!! It’s just a terrible theater.

Ok, so it’s a bad theater, that’s established. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the Hulk in such lo-fi conditions if it wouldn’t have been so expensive to see it. For our family to see the movie it was $39.00. Wow, that’s expensive. To make matters worse, not only was the place ghetto as ever, but the screen was so dirty that the film constantly looked distorted and there was a big light spot on the lower left side of the screen the entire time. It was terrible! Either my mother or I are going to call them and ask for a refund because I could have downloaded a better copy of the movie off of the internet and watched it at home. I don’t think that the proliferation of high-speed internet leads to piracy. No, it’s the shoddy theaters charging steep prices for crappy showings.

Well, I really don’t have much more to say now that I’ve vented about the crappy theater. Hmm……I guess I’m just kind of boring. Eh……

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