Thursday, August 21, 2003

It's Over Before I Even Realized It Started

Yesterday, in my hastiness to get a post out on my site, I completely forgot to mention anything about my family’s trip to the Minnesota zoo on Sunday. My family, along with Kristin, Stacy, and Grandmama, went to the MN zoo. My mom had gotten the tickets earlier in the summer for cheap on some radio auction. She seems to get a bunch of random stuff (free pizzas and tickets for stuff) from these radio auctions. I wonder if they ever have anything cool up for grabs? Eh, I digress.

The zoo was a ton of fun. The only thing that wasn’t fun was the extreme heat. It was a solid 90-odd degrees out which made for some minor annoyance while we walked outside, but I didn’t mind too much. What did concern me more, though, was the sky-high prices of the food there. For Kristin and myself to each get a cheeseburger & fries it was $10. We didn’t even get pop with that! Two cheeseburgers and two orders of fries with tax cost over $10……how is that not highway robbery? For the rest of my family to eat it cost more than the actual tickets to the zoo did.

The animals at the zoo were as interesting as they ever were. I got to see most of my favorites like the bats and the monkeys. Kristin almost didn’t get to see her favorite, the wolves, since they had just had babies a few days ago and were hiding to be with them. The first time by we couldn’t find them at all, but on our way back by their area Kristin wanted to look once more just to see if they somehow appeared. She came back to me a couple of minutes later to take me over to the viewing area to see them. They were hiding in some brush so that you could hardly see them unless they moved.

After the zoo, I took Kristin home to St. Cloud and stayed there for a bit to visit her family (Annie was home with mono, but she seemed fine to me), watch some tv, and relax before driving back home again—a 2.5 hour trip I was dreading. I really hate driving, but I don’t really have a solid reason to explain why I do. I think the main reason I don’t like it is it seems like a waste of time. What’re you doing while you drive? Nothing. Sure, you might listen to the radio, but besides that you’re just sitting there doing nothing. I could be spending that 2.5 hours doing something else, but instead I’m stuck driving. I guess I’d just rather use that time for something else. That, and I get antsy when I drive. I hate just sitting there for so long.

I have to finish up packing for school. I leave tomorrow morning to move back in for my final semester of college. I can’t wait to get back, yet I am a bit sad because it’s my last semester and I know as soon as it starts it’ll be over before I know it. Heck, that’s the way college went. I was afraid to start it, but as soon as it did, just as quickly it was over. I’m sure all of life is just like that. No doubt 50 years down the road I’ll be celebrating an anniversary, much like my grandparents, and I’ll be thinking to myself, “It feels like life only just started…” On my dying day, I still don’t think I’ll be ready to accept that life has run its course. It still feels like it is only beginning, but looking back I know so much has ended. A sad thought…..

I guess it’s only appropriate to end the summer on a somewhat melancholy note, especially since this year’s crop is not looking good. If we don’t get any rain soon I fear for our family’s lack of income. If the crops die, it would be a tragedy much like it would any other year, but this year it would be more so because of the addition to the house we have to pay for now (not to mention my inflated college bill and Randy’s college bill tacked on top). I have a feeling it might be a lean winter when it comes to spending money. I’ve decided to stop ordering comics from ebay to save a little money. I’ll just stick to the new titles I get during the month. I’m also going to go through my cd and dvd collection and sell many of the ones that I don’t particularly want or need anymore. Let’s hope that some rain pops up here soon so that our harvest doesn’t evaporate and disappear.

Ok, it’s really time to go. This is my last day working for Kingland here in Rochester (although I will continue to do work for them from school). It’s actually a little bit of a relief not to be working from the office anymore because I won’t have to be driving 80+ miles a day commuting from work to home. I can’t believe that I spend about an hour and a half a day in the car driving to and from work. Such is life, I suppose. The real world seems to be one big inconvenience. I’ll live. Sorry for being so morose today. I really don’t know why my mood is the way it is.

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