Thursday, August 14, 2003

Movie Night

If there is one place that I ever need to go when I’m bored or need a good laugh, it’s the Onion. No other place on the internet provides such wonderfully crude, brash, and genuinely funny content as they do……well, except maybe the Landover Baptist Church. The reason I’m bringing both of these sites up now is because I read them both this morning and actually chuckled out loud while reading them. There isn’t much that can make me laugh out loud, but these never fail.

Now putting my site plugging aside, I finally had a chance to have the first official movie night of the summer last night. It was odd having the first (and maybe the last) movie night of the summer this late in the season. Last year it seemed like we had one at my house almost every week. This year I’ve been busy more than last. Chris and Paul were both gone in Alaska. I was in South Dakota for more than a week. Sarah was gone all summer. Caleb seemed to be at his cabin a lot and often times we just couldn’t find a time we were all free.

It was great to have movie night again, though. Chris, Paul, and Caleb all made it over and we ended up watching Rob Roy. Paul’s captain on the fishing boat he served on this summer was in love with this movie and quoted it all the time, and since none of us had ever seen it, we thought it was the perfect flick. It turned out the be not quite as good as we thought, but it was still very quotable nonetheless (mainly lots of Scottish dirty-talk).

Sometimes I think it would be so cool to live back in medieval times or in the age of kings in Europe, but then again I don’t think I’d like to live my entire life in that type of an environment. It always looks like so much fun with all of the swordplay, the chivalry, the old fashion romance, and the decadence. Then again, if I lived back then I probably wouldn’t have been a fighter or royalty. I would no doubt have been a worthless peasant that worked 12 hours a day just to stay alive. If, however, I somehow was royalty, I could only imagine how wonderful it would be.

Instead of living in a time like that, I would rather someday attend an old, European type ball. I think it would be a great time to dress in the garb of the day (it might not be quite that comfortable for the women, though) and have a ball just as they did with authentic music and atmosphere. I’m afraid that the way our culture is moving, we will soon forget all of the older customs of the cultures that have come before us.

Right now it seems like it’s very hard to get people to do anything in general. For the most part people are content to tend to themselves or to stay within their patterns of habit. No one seems to want to branch out to try new things (I know am an guilty of this myself). Why try something new when you are perfectly happy doing what you already do? I often wish that I was a little more open to new things. For example, Kristin has asked me to join karate with her. I’ve thought it over and it sounds like it would be interesting, but I don’t know if I really want to do it because it’s something new and outside of my safety zone. I might be missing out on something really awesome simply because my brain has a hard time overcoming the fact that I might have to do something new that I’ve never done before.

I think that this is also the same reason I don’t want to try to learn how to swim—it’s something new and different. It would be easier if I just didn’t try and kept to what I know. So what do I do to change the way my mind operates? Electroshock therapy? Continual kicking to the groin until I give in? Drinking enough alcohol to overcome my normal thoughts? I don’t think any of these are viable methods, but I also can’t think of anything reasonable that would work beyond just doing something for the sake of doing it and ignoring whatever your brain might tell you……it’s really too bad I can’t just do that :-)

Well, speaking of something new, anyone who hasn’t made it to a Strike Team Improv show yet this year or last should come tomorrow night to the studio academy in Rochester for our final show. Doors are at 6:30 and I would highly recommend coming. It’s somewhat sad to see another season of improv over, but I enjoyed it and this will hopefully be a wonderful show to close out the season. Take care and I hope to see lots of people at the show tomorrow!

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