Thursday, September 18, 2003

Robot Vampires

I finally got around to beating Mech Assault! It was an extremely fun game, but a couple of the missions were really tough and frustrating so I almost gave up, but I just couldn’t because it’s just so darn fun! I only wish that I had Xbox Live so that I could play it online, but there’s no way I want to shell out $50 for the Live kit and then pay $10 a month just to play a couple of my games online.

Feeling that there was a gaping whole in my life now—that being I was lacking my video game addiction, I decided to start playing Silent Hill 2. It’ll be a little bit of a change from the pure action and robot carnage that Mech Assault was, but I’m kind of looking forward to something that is a little more thinking and a little less trigger-finger oriented. Kristin also found a new game to play while we were in town yesterday—Bloodrayne. We managed to pick it up for $15 that we split between the two of us. It looks like it’ll be pretty cool from the little bit I was watching Kristin play it.

We picked up Bloodrayne yesterday on one of our weekly trips that we take into St. Cloud when we need to get away from campus, walk around, and people watch. Another ulterior motive for going to town yesterday was that the new Krispy Kreme had finally opened. Before Tuesday, the closest Krispy Kreme was in Maple Grove, a good 45 minute drive away. We splurged and brought back two dozen to share with our apartment-mates since John and Jared cooked supper for us last night. It was great having something that didn’t need to be microwaved (we had spaghetti).

……Crap……the computer lab here at work just had a quick power outage and since we aren’t on battery back up in the lab I just lost all that I wrote from here on. Grrrr……Well, basically it was just me complaining about how much homework I have lately in comparison to other semesters and how it probably amounts to all the extra reading that is a part of upper division philosophy classes. I really don’t want to type it all out again since I already did once, so you’ll just have to survive with a short thought today. Damn computers………and prep school……

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