Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Sometimes I Need a Time Machine

Yes, I realize the gigantic time span that has passed since the last post I’ve put up, but I have been very busy working on a research paper covering Descartes for my Modern Philosophy class. Now that I have finished that I’ll be able to post more, well, until I’m stuck working on my sociobiology paper which I should be starting…right…about…now! But before I do, I will catch you up (and I promise to give a more concerted effort to make posts more often). Let’s get to the rundown of the last, oh, week or so, shall we?

Thursday: The Minnesota Orchestra. What can I say? Un-frickin-believable! I have been to many a band concert, many punk and metal concerts, some folk & blues concerts, a piano & cello performance, and many others, but never before have I seen an entire orchestra perform. I was simply amazed and awe-struck by the sheer beauty of their performance. Every note was precise, every piece filled with emotion, and everything simply much better than I expected. Kudos are definitely in order for Kristin for proposing that we go.

Friday: Since Kristin’s birthday was going to be on Monday the 22nd, she wouldn’t really get a chance to do much celebrating because of class and whatnot so we decided to have a birthday party for her at our place. A bunch of her friends and my friends all came over and we had a wonderful time playing DDR, watching Old School, and simply hanging out. It was really a lot of fun.

Saturday: The Johnnies had their first home game against the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire. We haven’t been able to beat them the last few years so I was a little bit worried that we might not pull this one off. Thankfully, I was horribly wrong and we had a stellar victory over them. After the game, Kristin and I had contemplated going to see Underworld but my brother and most of the reviews I read said it wasn’t really that great. We didn’t want to waste $10 going to see it if it was going to suck. Instead, we went for a walk around the lake to the chapel and took the rest of the night easy at my place.

Sunday: The parents, Ryan, and Grandmama came up to visit for Kristin’s birthday. We met them at Fazoli’s for lunch, which is our usual eating place when my ‘rents come to visit. After that we sort of splintered and my mom, grandmamma & Kristin went to the mall to shop while dad, Ryan, and myself went back to my apartment to watch the Vikings take down Detroit. When the girls got back from shopping we let Kristin open her gifts and had some wonderfully chocolatey chocolate cake. The rest of the time we had a pretty lengthy tournament of Tao Feng. Kristin, of course, was the undisputed champ. She continually kicks my hinder at the game, and surprisingly she also pummeled Ryan over and over again (I think he only won maybe 2 or 3 times out of like 20 or so). We even managed to get my dad to try out the game. For never really playing video games he picked it up pretty good and nearly beat Ryan a few times. I’m thinking as Ryan gets older his prowess for video games might be waning.

Monday: Kristin’s birthday!!! Unfortunately, she had classes all morning and night class that night so she only had the afternoon to really sit back and enjoy her day. I went over to visit her for her b-day (of course) and we went to grab lunch and then proceeded to watch some quality episodes of the 90’s X-Men cartoon. We seem to do a lot of that lately since I picked up the entire 76 episode series run on VCD a little while back. After we finish up the X-Men run, we have the entire run of Gargoyles to watch as well. Wow, talk about being uber-nerds!

Tuesday: Nothing really special happened Tuesday. I had work, then class, then frisbee practice, then volleyball games, then I worked out, came home, did homework while watching the Twins clinch their division, and proceeded to go to bed early. Long days without a solid nap make it imperative that I get to bed early lest I be very cranky the next day.

Well, that gets us all caught up to today. Whew, I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. Anyhow, you know how I said at the beginning I had a sociobiology paper to do? Yeah, I’m going to go work on that now. Ciao.

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