Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Comic Craziness

I have just finished typing a substantial amount of writing so if this thought is a little hodge-podge, forgive me. I have two papers due tomorrow and another writing that I had to finish for today so I’ve been quite busy (especially since I was gone all weekend and couldn’t work on anything then). Speaking of the weekend, it was pretty sweet.

As most of you know, on Saturday Kristin and I went the FallCon comic book convention at the Minnesota state fairgrounds in St. Paul. They had everything housed in the education building, which was just large enough to hold all of the vendors and artists that were there. When we first arrived we bought our tickets (it cost $9 to get in, but it was well worth it) and were given a grab bag of stuff. In my grab bag I got some sweet comics—mostly JLA and Thunderbolts. Kristin got a few X-Men comics (which she was quite happy about) and a Batman one she gave to me.

Once we got in, we decided to make the buying run first and look at the exhibits later so that way everything wasn’t picked over and all of the good books gone. I managed to get a bunch of stuff that I needed for less than $50. I bought the entire New X-Men run from issue 114 to 140, about 10 random Batman back issues, the Wolverine Xisle miniseries, and three graphic novels—Ghost Rider Resurrected, Cable (his origin collected into one volume), and The Trial of Superman. Each of those books carried a $20 retail price tag and I got all of them for $9. I really, REALLY wish that I had more money to spend while I was there because I could have gotten so many comics that I’ve wanted for so long cheaper than anywhere I’ve ever seen. I guess I’ll just have to remember to save a lot of money for next year’s show.

Kristin also got a few things while she was there. She bought a Psylocke action figure and a Wolverine metal action figure. She also got a few X-Men comics to read. After I’d used up my money, we looked through all of the original art that they had on display and also looked through all of the toy displays that they had. It’s amazing how much the toys that we played with as kids are selling for now. One Gargoyle figure that Kristin wanted was selling for $20. Insane!

All in all the show was a lot of fun and we found some sweet deals. I’d tell you more (and I might tomorrow), but I really have to get back to my papers. Man, I can’t wait for tomorrow since we have a long weekend break—no class on Thursday or Friday!

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