Friday, October 03, 2003

Pizza, Boobs, and Piano

I have just been issued my first test in my philosophy of law class. I’m not a pre-law major, I only really have a cursory knowledge of how judicial reviews work, and I’ve only had one other class that’s touched upon law. Knowing that, it’s easy to see why I’m somewhat baffled at our first test. I’ve read over the questions and right now I don’t know exactly how I’m going to respond because I don’t know exactly what I should be looking to include. Oh, yeah, by the way, it’s a take home exam, which is why I’m pondering it so much at the moment. To alleviate my worries of that test, I took most of last night off to go to a few activities on campus.

The first was a movie about women, their breasts, and what they mean. I shouldn’t lie, only part of me actually wanted to see the movie—I mostly went because they had free pizza. The movie was interesting, but it wasn’t really very enlightening. I was hoping to find out deep insights into the psyche of women concerning their breasts, but instead it was a bunch of women talking about boobs and the different topics that related to boobs (size, cancer, bras, etc.). I was actually disappointed by it because it didn’t seem to be very deep, but I’m sure many of the guys there didn’t care because they were just there to see some boobs.

It was really weird because the entire time I was watching the movie, I really didn’t have much of a reaction to seeing boobs up on the big screen. They were just there—a part of the movie. Afterwards I was thinking to myself that this was an interesting reaction, that of indifference. If I was 14 and saw this movie I probably would have been intently staring at the screen while thinking, “Oh my God, oh my God, it’s boobs. Real life boobs. Wow, I’m looking at boobs right now. Look at them, boobs Boobs BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS!”. I really think this is one of the few times in the last few years that I’ve contemplated how much I have grown up since my early teenage years. Most of the time I have a difficult job of seeing a difference, but I know I’ve changed (even though I still do act like I’m 12 some of the time).

After the breasts & pizza experience, Kristin and I went to see Fr. Bob Koopmann’s piano recital. It was a very good performance and I enjoyed it immensely. He played a great variation of pieces, including two that he composed himself. Some of the pieces he played were traditional (Beethoven and Chopin), some were jazzy, others very non-traditional, and one where he not only played the piano via the keys, but also plucked the strings on the inside of the piano, which was very interesting, and in my opinion extremely beautiful.

I did feel a tad bit hypocritical while I was at the piano recital because I hadn’t had a chance to dress up before hand. I had come directly from the breasts and pizza presentation over to the piano recital so I was still in a sweater and semi-old pants while wearing a cap. I didn’t have time to dress up before the breasts presentation because I had just gotten in from a run, and I also forgot that I was going to the piano recital right after the breasts presentation. I really dislike people that attend fine arts performances not dressed up, and last night I was one of those people.

So, tomorrow is the big day. The FallCon in the Twin Cities. I’m so looking forward to it and I hope that I manage to come home with an armful of comics from the show. I’m also hoping I can snag a bunch of free stuff while I’m there. I’ll give you the big rundown when I get back. Maybe I’ll even have some pictures (Lord knows, it’s been a while since I’ve had new pictures to put up).

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