Friday, October 24, 2003

Costumed Frisbee

Well, today I head home for a quick visit with the family before speeding off to Winona tomorrow morning for frisbee. I think my ankle will be fine for playing on. It’s not really swollen at all and it’s working fine with just a little minor soreness.

For our tournament, which is cleverly named “Hallowinona”, the teams are supposed to dress up in Halloween costumes. The girls’ team is going as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while the men’s team are going as their favorite superheroes. The guys’ team has a nice assortment of superheroes, but we seem to have a lot of Supermen and Batmen. I was thinking of being Batman, but on hearing that there already was a bunch, I’ve decided to go as the Crow. I have a bunch of black and white face paint from last year’s Rogue Squad game that I figured I could use. If it doesn’t work out for being the Crow, Kristin has some green foundation for her turtle costume that I could use to be the Hulk. All I’d have to do is cover myself in green and rip up some jeans.

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