Thursday, October 23, 2003

Twisting My Ankle Again

Sometimes, my timing for things is simply impeccable. This weekend SJU has a disc tournament in Winona. I’ll be heading up the “B” team. I would have liked to have played on the competitive team, but I guess they’d rather have the old guy on the “B” team since he won’t be here come spring time like the rest of the competitive squad. It should be fun, however, simply because there will be a few alums playing with us.

Anyhow, back to my timing. Since we have this tourney this coming weekend, I’ve been trying to put in some miles running this week to make sure I can hold up to a weekend of playing. Yesterday, since it was pretty nice outside, I decided it would be a great idea to run around the lake out to the chapel and back. What I didn’t take into account was that all of the leaves have fallen off most of the trees in the woods. Since all the leaves were down, the path, which contained many big rocks and roots, was obscured. On my way out towards the chapel—twist!—I manage to step on a rock wrong and roll my ankle over.

I’ve always had a lot of trouble with my ankle and rolling it. It usually happens just when I don’t want it to either. It’s happened right before I got to college when I could have done cross country. I managed to roll it during our alumni basketball tourney 2 years ago. I’ve mildly injured it at other points of my life when I needed my mobility, and now I’ve lightly sprained it again. Lady luck likes to keep me down, doesn’t she?

I think it should be pretty good by Saturday, though. This morning it was alright. Mostly just turning motions cause any pain. I’m fine walking, but I’m not going to try and running until Saturday morning. Let’s hope all goes well so that you don’t have to hear me complaining again come Monday.

Now, on the bright side of things, I got back my ImClone case study paper for my Business Ethics class. I pulled off an “A”, thank goodness. So far, this is my strongest class, but I think the reason for that is it is also my easiest class. Most days I can’t stand going to it because it’s full of idiots that actually think they know things. Yesterday, one person in class decided that one of the past tense conjugations of the verb “take” was “tooken”. Honestly, tooken?? Didn’t anyone ever teach him the words taken or took? Maybe he was just expressing his ungodly intelligence and created a new word……or maybe he’s just an idiot.

This is the same class where the concept of probability and statistics had to be explained to a student because he didn’t get what they were. The kicker is that after it was explained to him, he still couldn’t understand the concept. If I hadn’t gone into this class expecting to learn something, I’d love this class simply because of how comical half of the crap that people say is. Thank goodness I won’t be at this class on Friday. I’ll be heading home on my way to Winona. Yay!

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