Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Seriously Terrible...

Why, oh why, do student workers always have to be so utterly incompetent that you wonder how they got into college in the first place? I thought that all the idiot students were supposed to be working in the food services jobs on campus. Instead, though, SJU managed to put a good majority of their dim-witted student workers into the post office on campus.

SJU has an odd setup for how mail is handled. We have an actual post office run by competent postal employees. This is where we go to mail packages and buy postage and all that good stuff. We also have our boxes where we get our mail and a little mini-office for picking up our packages. This section of the mail service on campus, however, is ran by student workers—not by the post office employees. The post office workers send all of the students’ mail over to the student run post office for them to take care of. The only time we’d have to go to the actual post office to get something is if we needed to sign for it or if there was delivery confirmation.

Here’s some of my problems with the campus run service. First, they’re not open on Saturdays, so as opposed to every other post office in the frickin’ United States, we don’t get mail on Saturdays. There have been many times I’ve had a package come in on Saturday, but I’ve been forced to wait until Monday to get it. I guess administration just figures students don’t pick up mail on Saturdays or something.

The second problem I have with the student run post office is that we are constantly getting advertisements and solicitations from campus groups. This would be fine—if they were addressed to us. They never are. There’s never any address on them. It’s illegal for postal workers to put mail into a person’s box unless it is addressed to them. Our campus just glosses over that little fact, but I suppose they justify what they’re doing by saying the student run post office isn’t actually a USPS sanctioned post office. It’s bothered me a little less over time, however, since I decided my sophomore year to just throw everything not addressed to me back through the slot. They can pick it up later.

My next problem with the mail service is they don’t properly take care of your packages. When you get a package that won’t fit in your little box, they put a card with a number on it in your box. You go to the window and they give you your package that matches that number. A little while back, when they were making the cards for the morning, they accidentally made two for the same number. My package and another kid’s package both had the same number. When the other kid went up to get his package, the student worker noticed that there were two packages with that number. Instead of simply comparing the student’s name with name on the package, he opened both of the packages and asked what it was the student was expecting. The next day I came to get my package and it was opened up. I asked why and they explained this to me. What the hell?!?! Since when did they have a right to open my mail? Isn’t that illegal in some way? I’m sure it is.

Now, for my last problem. I recently had a package come in with delivery confirmation. When that happens, the student workers are supposed to give you a card telling you to go to the main post office to pick it up. My package came in on the 16th. I was stopping by the real post office to mail a package yesterday, the 21st, when the employee there asked if I had brought my card. I wondered what he was talking about and he brought up a package for me. I never got a card in my student box. It turns out they simply “forgot” to put my card in my box. It had just been sitting on their counter, not put in my box. Honestly, can you get any more incompetent?

I’ve eventually waiting for the day that I order something and it just never shows up in my box. They’ll probably guess there’s something cool inside the box, open it, and then forget to give me my package card. God, I hate the student workers in the post office. I hate ‘em, I hate ‘em, I hate ‘em!!!

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