Sunday, October 19, 2003

Turbo Weiner

My updates are becoming more and more sporadic, aren’t they? I wonder what excuse I can churn out this time to justify it? Umm, let’s see—our campus was taken over by intelligent, oversized tomato people who commandeered all computing devices on campus in order that we didn’t use the internet to find out their secrets? No, didn’t work for you? How about this: A secret government agency has recruited me to assassinate martians that are inhabiting the wood of St. John’s? Ok, so you’re not going to buy any of them. I’ll be honest, I’ve just simply been really busy and my website sometimes gets forgotten, but I really wish I didn’t forget about it so much because I really enjoy writing.

This week has managed to be busy with Ryan coming up to visit for MEA break. Kristin went and met my mom, grandma, and Ryan in Burnsville on Thursday to bring him back since I had classes until 5:30 pm. I’ve had a great time with him up here and kind of wish that he was another roommate. Thursday we simply hung out at my apartment for the night and got right down to business by ordering Gary’s pizza for Ryan. He loves it almost as much as I do and I finally had an excuse to blatantly ignore my push for healthy eating and splurge on some greasy pizza. So the night was spent eating pizza, playing Mortal Kombat (which Ryan is unbeatable at), and just chilling out.

Friday, I didn’t have work or class. MEA weekend for the prep school and my prof had to take care of his kid because his wife had to go somewhere. I don’t remember the details—all I needed to know was that I didn’t have class or work and that made me happy! Ry and I were initially going to go into St. Cloud, but instead we stayed on campus, got his hair cut, watched Matrix: Reloaded (since he’d never seen it), played some more video games, went to play frisbee on the football field, and then proceeded to eat as much free Gary’s pizza as we could. The frisbee club sponsored a night of frisbee and pizza for the campus on the football field at 10 pm. Since the field isn’t lighted very well, they had light-up frisbees to use. We didn’t play in the actual games because there were so many drunk people just goofing around, but instead we threw around ourselves while taking breaks watching the drunk people and getting a good laugh.

A quick note on Matrix: Reloaded. I know I’ve already seen it and reviewed it on the reviews page when it came out, but I must note that I found it even more pointless the second time I watched it. Tthe acting was even worse the second time around as well. I found myself making way too many MST3K comments throughout, which is never a good sign for a movie. The action was still decent, but I noticed many little things this time that annoyed me, mostly the “smooth” Agent Smiths and Neo in the multi-smith fight and the obvious blue-screen work on the highway scene. I really am going to keep my hopes low for the last Matrix movie, but I’m also secretly hoping it ties together all the crap that was expounded in Reloaded.

Yesterday Ryan, Kristin, and I did make a trip into town. We stopped by the comic shop since the latest issue of Kristin’s series, Exiles, came out. We then stopped at her place so Ryan could say hi to Fozzy again (their big, brown Labradoodle) and Kristin could talk with her parents about doing dinner today. We then made our obligatory lap around the mall where Ryan picked up ATV Quad Power Racing 2 for the Xbox. He had been wanting to pick it up for a long time since he loves 4-wheelers, but it hadn’t dropped into the under $20 price range yet. I think it goes without saying that he spent a good portion of the night playing Xbox (along with eating Gary’s for the third straight night—that has to be some kind of record).

Now it’s Sunday morning and after the Vikings beat up Denver I have to take Ry back to Burnsville to meet mom so he can go home. I’m not really looking forward to the drive, since I hate to drive, but I suppose it’s better than driving him all the way back to Hayfield and then coming back. It was a great weekend having him up and I do hope that he manages to come up and visit quick again sometime before this semester is over since I’ll be all done with college come December. AHHHH, it’ll be here too soon! I’ve really got to dedicate more time to getting my time machine to work……

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