Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Just Shut Up

I have received my first test back in my law class, in which I got a “B”. For most people that’s not bad. For me it’s definitely not good enough. Since this was not a stellar grade for me, I asked to talk with the professor about what I could possibly do to achieve a higher grade in the future.

Hold on, let me back up for a second. Back in class when he was handing back the tests to everyone, a fellow student and I noticed that a good chunk of the tests were clumped together in the “B” range and there wasn’t much divergence from that range. I looked through my test, hoping that my prof would have explained what I was missing, but there wasn’t a single word written on the test. There was simply the score at the top and a few sentences underlined or check marked (probably to note that I touched upon a certain concept).

Now, back to where I was before. We sat down to look over my test. He reread most of it and told me that they were good essays. I hadn’t missed anything or left anything out—they were good, but just not good enough. Hoping for a better explanation, I asked for further elaboration upon what he meant by that—did I need more text citations, more developed thoughts, added points of view, or other things he might have been looking for. He told me that I wasn’t missing any of them and again that I did a good job, it just wasn’t there in that “A” category. The only real advice I did get out of him is that I need to state the difficulty of the question as I’m answering it. Hmm…ok, that helps lots. It was simply frustrating to get a mediocre grade, but not have been given a justification for that grade. At least I know that on future tests for each question I should preface my answer with, “This is a terribly tough question that can only be adequately answered by the almighty gods of the law, but I, a poor, puny human being, will now attempt to put forth an answer that will appease your thirst for perfect knowledge.”

On the plus side, however, at least I know that I’m doing well in my sociobiology/evolutionary ethics class. My first paper was one of the top 5 scores in the class of about 25, so I can’t really complain. I have come to really appreciate that class and have taken quite an interest in it. I think it also helps that it is my only class on the days that I have it, whereas I have my other three classes on the opposite days. Since I only have that one class on days like today, I can give a lot more focus on that topic instead of splitting it three ways like I have to on the other days.

As for fun stuff, I recently picked up Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for the Xbox. I wanted a new fighter to play since I was getting sick of having the crap kicked out of me at Tao Feng by Kristin. I couldn’t pass this up as it was on sale for $15. It was really funny, though, that when I was at Electronics Boutique the guy that works there (who I might add is the most pushy and annoying person in the world) kept trying to push all these expensive titles on me.

“Hey, I see you’re eyeing Mortal (he didn’t want to say the entire name of the game for some reason). Why don’t you pick up Soul Caliber II? It’s way better.”

“No thanks, I’m kind of strapped for cash and don’t have that much to spend right now. What do you think of Mortal Kombat?”

“Oh, Mortal is a great game, a really good fighter, but I know that you’d really want Soul Caliber”

“Naw, remember that I don’t have that much money to spend.”

“Tell you what, you can get a used copy for only $45 instead of the $50 new price.”
“Sorry, I’m just not interested in spending that much money on a video game. Can you please just check me out?”

“Ok, that’s cool. I understand what you’re saying. Now do you want to join our frequent buyers club? It’s only $10 and you get a magazine and a discount and………blah blah blah.”

(Trying to cut him off so I could leave) “…….uh, I really……..that doesn’t…….NO THANK YOU!”

About 15 minutes later I finally get to leave. If there was ever a more pushy retail store worker in the world, I sure would not want to meet him. I wonder if he knows that by trying to push all his crap on me that I’m probably going to go out of my way to eventually buy those titles somewhere else? Maybe I should tell him that next time I stop by…or maybe I should just cold-cock him so he shuts up. Eh, I suppose I’ll just have to stick to ignoring him……

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