Thursday, October 30, 2003


Halloween—what could we possibly associate with this holiday other than costumes and candy? Jackolanterns, of course! Kristin and I had picked up a pumpkin a while ago hoping to carve it, but we’ve both been so busy the last week or so that we’ve never had the time to do it. Yesterday we finally managed to set aside some time to slice and dice our little orange friend.

I know that you have no idea what our final jackolantern carving looks like, but I plan to fix that in the next couple of days when I upload some pictures of it. The best way to describe it would be to take Spider-Man’s eyes, add a skeleton’s nose, and finish it off with a Cheshire Cat grin and superimpose it on a pumpkin. I wish we could have gotten a little more detailed with our pumpkin, but all the knives we had were a little too big to do smaller cutting work. Of course the fun part wasn’t the carving, though, but it was the scooping out of the pumpkin’s brains.

I remember when I was little I always hated that part because it was all goopy and slimy and icky and I just wanted to cut the pumpkin up, not get all gunky. Now that I’m older and wiser, I love getting all goopy and icky. In the removal of the brain’s we separated out the seeds for cooking. Cooked pumpkins seeds are always so yummy. We need to make a trip into town today, however, before we can cook them since we don’t have any olive oil to cook them in.

Ok, I don’t know if I’ve already posted this or not, but even if I did, you’re going to get it again. I love the game Halo. I also love comedy. When you combine those two things, you get Red vs. Blue. I’ve been watching the episodes that they have made over the last week or two and I can’t make it through a single one without laughing out loud at least once. What makes it even better is this is just a couple of guys sitting around talking into headsets while they act out the scenes in Halo. Any gamer owes it to themselves to check this out just to hear their take on capture the flag.

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