Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Lady Frost has Arrived.

Halloween has come and gone another year. With its passing this fall, winter has taken an icy, cold grip on us. It is apparent now that fall is over for us here in Minnesota. The temperatures have dropped to around freezing and we now have a few inches of snow on the ground. It’s all very pretty right now, but as nice as it is, as soon as the first snow comes, you know it can only get worse over the next few months. Before we start worrying about MN’s artic climate, let’s remember Halloween.

I had a fun time on Friday, mostly anticipating getting dressed up. This year instead of dressing up like a woman I decided to go as the Crow. As much fun as it was being a chick, I wanted to be something a little darker this year. Staying with the theme of “darker”, Kristin went as a dead, goth chick. I think we might have been the most dead and dreary couple out on Halloween (at least to the places we went to).

We visited two parties, one an 80’s themed party, and the other simply a big drunken mess. The latter we did not stay at long. We were there pretty much to make an appearance, say some hellos, and then head back to the first party we were at, the 80’s party, where we stood out from the pack. Most of the people there were in 80’s attire. Three of the people there were, cleverly, the Ghostbusters. I’ll try to have the Halloween pictures up sometime this week so you can see some of the costumes and the jackolantern we carved up.

Besides hanging out on Halloween, it was a pretty lazy weekend for me. I watched football on Sunday and spent my Saturday evening playing video games and watching tv, along with some occasional homework doing. I managed to beat Halo and now I’ve started playing Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter. I like it so far, although it seems to be nothing more than a standard first person shooter. It’s unique draw, however, is that you get to fly spaceships too. It’s fun flying them, but it’s nothing too special. I’m interested enough in it to keep playing, though, so it succeeds in keeping my interest. Kristin recently started playing Blood Omen 2, which looks to be a lot of fun, and she finds interesting as well.

I recently finished writing a paper on evolutionary ethics, so that is why I hadn’t put a lot of time into updating my thoughts. Usually whenever a paper is due it takes precedence over all my other writing simply because I too easily get burnt out on typing. I can usually only type for about a half an hour at a time before my hands just want to give up. I can usually tell that I’ve been at the keyboard for a while when I start having to use the backspace key more than any other one.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ve just been pretty boring as of late, but this weekend I should have some good writing material as the SJU football coach could possibly become the all time leader for wins at 409. My little brother, Ryan, will also be coming up to stay on Thursday since he has school off. I’m looking forward to it, but I should probably hone my Mortal Kombat skills before he gets here so that I don’t get my butt completely kicked once he gets up here……oh, who am I kidding, there’s no way anyone can beat that kid at MK.

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