Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Post Office is Run by Idiots

It turns out that the people who work at the student post office here on campus are getting dumber and dumber daily. Two more wonderful incidents have made me come to this conclusion. The first incident is a simple one, but one that has happened before: I had another package that came with delivery confirmation and they didn’t give me a notice again. They simply ignored it once again, and I only knew I had a package since I went over to the actual post office to mail some packages. Honestly, how hard is it to put a notice in someone’s box? It only takes like 30 seconds max to fill out the card and maybe a minute to walk over to my box and put it in there.

The other incident was more comical than anything else. I was in a hurry about a week ago and didn’t want to walk my packages all the way over to the real post office to mail so I just stopped by the student ran one since it was on my way to class. I usually avoid mailing things through the student one because they have a bad habit of not charging the right price for postage—they seem to overcharge. Anyhow, I had three packages to mail and the total came up to $3.64. I handed the kid working a $10 bill. From here comic hilarity ensued.

He looked at the bill, put it in his drawer and then stared at the drawer for about 30 seconds. Did this kid suddenly go into a meditative state? What the crap was going on? Thankfully, he came out of this state and started grabbing some change, but as he was grabbing some, he’d put some back and grab a different combination, then put some back, then grabbed another combination, then asked me how much the charge was again. It was $3.64. He then pulled out a five dollar bill, a quarter, two dimes and three pennies. Hmmmm…$3.64 plus $5.48 doesn’t exactly equal $10 in the math I was taught back in first grade. Maybe this guy was using some advanced form of highly derivated calculus, but I’m pretty sure he was shorting me money. Not wanting to cause this poor soul any more confusion or make him have to think so hard his head might explode, I told him that I needed another dollar and that he should take back a dime and two pennies. As soon as I said that, he looked up to me like I was Jesus. He was so lost in this process of making change that he needed someone to guide him and I was the light unto his path. It really makes you wonder how some of the people here get into college at all, let alone a private school because, man, this guy was dumb!

Well, now that was definitely a relief to let that out of my system. It would also be a relief if we suddenly had the 80 degree weather that we had about 2 weeks ago again. As I walked to work this morning it was a whopping 10 degrees outside. I’m not ready for this frigid weather yet. It’s also such a weird feeling as I walk from my apartment and then reach the computer lab because there is such a difference in temperature.

My apartment, now that the air system in our room works, is at a nice 73 degrees. Comfortable. The walk to work is unbearable—10 degrees and windy. The halls of the prep school are nice, though, when I get there at a nice 70-72 degrees, but when I get the computer lab it is like walking into one of the smaller pits in the depths of hell. Since the room is all locked up overnight and the computers are constantly running, it is easily over 80 degrees in the room when I get there every morning. I’ve made a habit of opening the window as soon as I get there. Add to the sweltering heat of the computer lab my imbibing of coffee, I sometimes wonder if my body will spontaneously combust from all the heat coursing through my body. Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still very suspicious.

Well, I should be wrapping this up about now. I have to jet off to my sociobiology class where we’re studying Habermas. He’s a prominent modern philosopher and we’re reading his language philosophy at the moment. I’ll say that from my initial reading of his work that on my confusion scale he’s getting close to reaching the Levinas and Heidegger level of head scratching. I think I’m getting it, but from the way he writes I’m just not sure. After class I’m off to Burnsville to meet my parents and pick up Ryan. He’s coming up again for a weekend to visit. It should be a great time. We’re going to see Matrix Revolutions tonight (which I’m expecting to be horrible). Let’s hope that my car works good for the trip down.

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