Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Gosh I Feel Lazy

It’s still freezing out and I’m already ready for it to be done. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so darn winding and dreary looking out. If the sun peaked through just a little, it would probably make me feel not quite as rundown as I am now. Maybe that has something to do with my final in Business Ethics in three and a half hours.

I’m still unsure what to expect from this final. The class hasn’t exactly been tailored to people possessing intellects, yet the final study guide was quite comprehensive and it seems like our prof is looking for in-depth answers. Even though this class was listed as a 300-level philosophy class, there are only two philosophy majors in the class out of the 25 students. The rest are mostly management and business majors, both groups being notorious for their lack of brainpower, which has been shown over and over again throughout the semester in discussion in class. If the test is really as difficult as I think it may be, I have a real hard time believing that many of the people in our class will be able to do well. I am also a little bit worried because our prof seems to eschew independent thinking in favor of concept regurgitation, which doesn’t sit well with me. I have always liked being able to articulate answers in my own way, yet still covering the bases, but here it may not suit my best interests.

In another class, Philosophy of Law, I should be getting my latest essay back today. I’m curious as to how I did on this on since I ramped up my amount of effort on it almost two fold from the first essay. Getting a “B” on the first one was not acceptable to me and getting another was not in my game plan. Now to see if I did manage to pull off the ever elusive “A” I’ll have to wait until 3:00 pm.

Then after my three classes for the day are over, I can actually relax for a nice, long, five day thanksgiving break. It’ll feel so nice knowing that I don’t have a paper or test urgently pressing. It’ll be nice to sit down and not wrack my brain trying to figure out what work I have left to do for my classes. It’ll be so nice to just completely veg out! Sitting down, watching some tv, playing a few video games with Ryan, and reading some comics are the only activities on my agenda for at least two days of this vacation. I’ll need this break because after it’s over, it really is crunch time back here at school. Two weeks of class and finals week is all we’ll have left. In that time I’ll have one final half hour presentation to prepare, one final test/essay, and two final papers. Yes, crunch time it truly will be.

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