Thursday, December 11, 2003

So Cold Your Snot Freezes

Mother Nature has finally decided to lay the smack down on us Minnesotans and remind us of where we are living. Yesterday and today the highs have been in the low teens, but when you factor in the wind it was hitting the negatives. I always hate these first real cold days because even though I know summer is over, I’ve gotten used to just the “right around freezing or slightly under” days that define the first month or two of winter. Once the first “it’s cold enough to freeze my 170 degree coffee on the walk to work” day has arrived, you know you’re in for the long, winter haul.

If it wasn’t for this horribly frigid weather (there’s no snow that came in with the temps, so that’s good) I was contemplating running a 5K this weekend over at CSB, but as it stands I’m pretty sure I’d freeze to death by the time I finished. Either that or I’d get myself sick which I really don’t want with Christmas right around the corner.

Speaking of Christmas, I finished the rest of my xmas shopping yesterday. I had to go in to St. Cloud to pick up a few odds and ends, so while I was there I just picked up the rest of my Christmas presents. It was kind of weird coming home with a bunch of empty Rubbermaid tubs to start packing my stuff up in. Usually I get a few things together to take home over break, but packing up everything seems weird to me. I’m also wondering how I’m going to get all the crap I’ve accumulated up here home, and once it’s there, what am I going to do with it? Lucky thing we have the new addition, although I’m pretty sure I won’t have much of the new space at my disposal (I’ll probably only have a corner that I can use to store my comic collection). It’ll be a little bit odd moving back into my old room, but I’m sure it’ll just feel like every summer for the last four years has.

Last night Kristin and I finally reached a new milestone—we beat Dynasty Warriors 3. The last mission of the game must have taken us three days of trying to beat. In that one mission alone, between our two characters, we totaled almost 600 kills. If there’s ever been a game that has more killing via swords and bow & arrow, I don’t know of it. I think by the end of the game my character alone totaled almost 2,500 kills. That’s just monstrous, but the odd thing is I don’t feel like this game was a gratuitously violent game. There was no blood, just lots of people getting mowed down by my sword and then fading into the ground. All in all it was a pretty fun game, but I had no clue whatsoever what the plot was. The cut scenes and mission briefings gave me absolutely no insight as to what was going on. Basically we were playing the missions just to beat them. Now I’ll just wait for Dynasty Warriors 4 to go on sale and I’ll start the whole cycle over again.

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