Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I Wish This Were a Happier Time

I suppose you could say that two out of three ain’t bad, but I know that three out of three would have been better. We couldn’t quite pull off a win in our final volleyball championship game. In fact, we choked something fierce, and it wasn’t just a couple of us that did, but all of us collectively as a team had a really rough game. I don’t know if it was having to play four matches in the two days previous to last night’s game or that we all had a lack of motivation to win or what, but whatever it was, it sure disrupted our game. Not to downplay the other team at all because they’re a good team, but we had almost beaten them earlier in the season in three games. Last night wasn’t even close as they took us down in two short games. The second game we fought a little harder, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole we had dug ourselves into.

Even though we had a bad game, I couldn’t be happier on any other volleyball team. I’ve really enjoyed the last 3.5 years of playing with them (some for a shorter period of time, but it feels just as long) and it was a nice, crowning achievement to at least be champions in two leagues for our final season together. I’ll be graduating, Julie will be doing student teaching, Casey will be moving on to a different team, Jackie has been playing with another team, and with that the rest of our team will splinter. It’s a somewhat bittersweet ending as I know I will miss playing with our team every week. Volleyball had become a staple of my college experience. I’ve become better friends with the members of our team more than almost any other people that I’ve played sports with here at SJU. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we can put a team together over the summer or down the road because it would be nice to continue playing, but as it is I know I’ll have many happy memories of the hundreds of games that we’ve played together, and with our two championship wins, I’ll also have a couple of t-shirts to wear to remind me of our seasons.

It’s not just that volleyball is ending that is giving me this bittersweet feeling, but towards the end of every semester I usually fell a little more melancholy. Just know that I’ve reached another ending point is always hard. I don’t mind beginnings and I love middles, but endings in general bring me down. Be it the end of a movie, a sports season, a semester of school, or year of my life—endings don’t sit well with me. Most of them necessitate some type of change, which I really hate to do. I get too easily set in my ways, and once I do, I fear breaking out of that mold. Now with the end of this semester I not only have an ending there, but I have an ending to my undergraduate college career. I’ll now have to enter the working world and come to grips with how it functions. True, I will be given a new beginning, which I don’t mind, but along with it I’ll be reeling from the ending that I’ll be experiencing in the coming week and a half. It’s coming too soon, way too soon……

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