Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Two Down, One More to Go

This is it, my last full week of classes. It’s scary that I’m now so close to the end. I’m sure that the time will go by quicker than I’d like it to as well since I’ll be busy finishing my three final papers and this week I give a presentation on Friday. Two of the three papers that I have due next week will probably be two of the most difficult I’ve written all semester. One focuses on the inherent difficulties of reconciling government and religion in our justice system while the other will focus on the concept of cause & effect as explained in the metaphysics of Locke, Hume, Berkeley, and Kant. My third paper, which is by far the easiest of the trio, is a case study in ethics as related to the Challenger space shuttle explosion (which is also what my presentation is on). In worrying about classes and getting ready to move home, I have managed to have a good time lately.

Saturday was Kristin’s and my one year anniversary so we took off the entire day from homework and everything else and spent it together. Some people may have thought that our special day wasn’t so special because we didn’t do anything grandiose, but I would have to completely disagree with them. I, personally, needed a day to just relax and get my stress level down before my last weeks of school and by spending the day together we easily achieved that and had a great time in the mix. In the morning we cooked breakfast, played a few video games (we’re addicted to Dynasty Warriors 3 when we have the time to play it), and watched X2: X-Men United. I still have a hard time getting over how great of a movie X2 is. Bryan Singer translates the X-Men so seamlessly from the comic book to the big screen, and I sincerely hope that the powers that be decide to continue rolling out new X-Men movies. It would be nice to see a franchise started much along the lines of the James Bond run.

Anyhow, I’m getting off topic. After the movie we both got dressed up and went to Timber Lodge Steakhouse. Kristin finally had a chance to wear one of the dresses my mom had picked up for her a little while back. It was not exactly the warmest night out for wearing a dress, so I have to give K a lot of credit for braving the cold and looking pretty all at the same time. We ended up splitting the walleye and steak combo, which was just perfect for both of us. We didn’t leave anything on our plates and we were stuffed full. Afterwards, we went back to my place and simply sat back and relaxed the rest of the night. It was a nice way to close off the night.

Oh, I almost forgot, for our anniversary Kristin got me a couple of little things. Since I didn’t have a big picture of K and I together, she went out, had one made, framed it, and gave it to me. It’s a great picture of us from our vacation in South Dakota this last summer. We’re standing together overlooking the Badlands. She also gave me a new watch. My old watch that I had worn for the last 3 years finally broke about a month ago so I’d been living without the ability to check the time religiously during my classes (which I often do since there are no clocks in two of the rooms I have class in). The watch is really pretty. The band and border of the face are silver (to match my rings) while the face is a really deep blue that fades into silver as you look towards the center. I like it a lot, and it feels so nice to have that comforting feeling of something on my right wrist again.

The rest of the weekend, and the beginning of this week has been great as well. Sunday night our volleyball team played through two games to get to the championship game, which we fought hard and won making us champions of one of our three leagues. Last night we played the championship game of our second league and again won. So now we’re #1 in two out of our three leagues. Tonight is the championship game in our third league and, you guessed it, we’re playing in this one too. Out of the three nights, though, tonight we’ll have our hardest game. We’re playing a team that consists of a couple of men’s club players and some female ex-volleyball players. We played them earlier in the year and lost in three games. I think if we play a little bit better than we have the last two nights, we can pull it off and sweep all of the volleyball leagues. Wish us luck!

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