Friday, January 30, 2004

Arctic Tundra Cold

Yeah, so it’s still freakin’ cold outside. It was -18 without windchill factored in when I left for work this morning. Yes, Mother Nature, I get the point—I live in Minnesota. Now get the temp back in the positive direction please. What made things even better today is that when I got to work I found out the heater was broken and it was a wonderful, balmy 60 degrees in the office. Yes, that is a heck of a lot warmer than outside, but it’s still cold. My hands get cold typing when it’s a decent temperature so this morning my fingers were half-numb up until the heater got fixed. Typing with frozen fingers is no fun. I think I use the backspace key at least twice as much when my hands are cold.

Again, it was still cold when I went to get gas at lunch. It up to -15, though, so it was starting to get warmer. I grabbed the usual 3 hot dogs for $1.19 while I got gas and I think they froze solid on my walk out to my car. Let’s hope my car can survive in the cold as I head up to St. Cloud again this weekend. For the trip I decided I needed some new music so I picked up a couple that were on sale at Best Buy. I got Closure’s self-titled disc and No Motiv’s “Daylight Breaking”. I also made myself a pop-punk mp3 disc to listen to, mainly to help keep me warm. See, for me pop-punk is a summer type of music so whenever I listen to it, I’m reminded of summer. With the cold, I’ve wanted to remind myself of warmer times quite often.

Jumping topics, a former co-worker of mine asked me to design a website for a golf tournament that he does every year. It sounds like fun so I said I’d do it. Since I’ve had the Kingland site done, I haven’t been able to do any graphic design stuff lately, just writing. While I’m going that site I think I might throw around some stuff in photoshop for a possible redesign for this site. I know I constantly say I’m going to do something new, but I think this time I might just do it. I’m just trying to think of what I want to do. It’ll obviously have to be black oriented since all of my pages right now are formatted to have a black background and white text. We’ll see if I come up with anything.

While at work today I noted something interesting and seemingly beyond stupidity today. At the office next door to ours, one of their employees pulled their Toyota truck up to the front door. He popped open the hood, removed the radiator cap, walked into the office, and later returned with two coffee pots filled with hot water. He then proceeded to dump them into his radiator, return the coffee pots, close the hood and then take off driving. This would not be that interesting except for a fact I noted before—it’s frickin’ cold outside. I wonder if he realizes as soon as he parks his truck anywhere the water in the radiator is going to freeze solid.

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