Friday, February 06, 2004

Slowly but Surely

Ugghh, I really didn’t think that redoing my site would be that much of a big deal, but it has actually turned into quite a chore. First, I’ve gotta redo the menubar on the side since it stretches a little too far down so that you can’t see the last choice or two if you have a resolution of 800x600 or so. Also, when I started this site I really didn’t know crap about web designing and I can tell now just by looking at my older pages. Some of my old journal entries from way back in 2002 and 2003 are terrible. All I did was write them out in Word and then have them exported to html. Word puts so much crap in there that’s not needed and also the formatting makes it almost impossible to modify down the line. I’m just going to format the table size for the older thoughts and move them over to a Frontpage format and not worry about the rest. Man, I should just start from scratch, but there’s so much I want to keep. Oh well, it’s all a nice learning experience if anything.

I still might be a little lax on new updates, but hopefully I can do something constructive with this site over the weekend or next week. Tomorrow night my family is going over to my grandma and grandpa Gebhardt’s to have dinner to celebrate grandpa’s birthday. It was a couple weeks ago, but with the bitter cold and his unfortunate stroke, it’s been hard finding a time to get together with them. I honestly don’t know where all of my time in the day goes. It seems like I’m stuck in a routine that sucks all my time away while not letting me feel like I accomplished anything. I go to work, come home, mail anything I sold online, lift or run, shower, eat, play video games with Ryan, watch tv, read, and then hit the sack. Repeat the next day, unless it’s a Friday because then I’m usually headed to St. Cloud. As it stands right now the real world is a far cry from college in the coolness category.

One new thing that I’m kind of stoked about is I am now writing music reviews for Decoy Music, an online music news site. Check it out at . Jared got me hooked up doing reviews there since he’s already writing for them and they needed some new writers. My first review, which should be up shortly, is for a small Canadian band called Pacer. Read the review there for further details. The next few discs on my list are Dualesc, Local H, and Break the Silence. Check in often for new stuff.

Again, this wasn’t the longest entry, but at least it wasn’t the shortest. Once I get everything ironed out with the format I finally decide on for this site I should get back on track for getting new content up. Until then, check out Decoy Music or simply imagine what you think I’m doing right now. It’s probably more interesting than what I’m actually doing, but that’s cool by me.

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