Monday, January 12, 2004

Driving Etiquette Schools are a Must

Today everyone headed back to college, that is except for me. I stayed back here in Rochester, or more precisely, I drove back to Rochester to make it to work this morning. I was up in St. Cloud for the weekend to take Kristin’s computer up to her and to help her move back in. Her computer, much like every computer I touch, wasn’t without its share of snags as I set it up.

Last week I had finally gotten her computer running. It turns out that the reason the motherboard wouldn’t boot was that there was a jumper mislabeled in the manual so my CMOS was stuck in the “reset” or off position. As soon as I switched it, it booted up fine. I installed everything Kristin would need and tried to work out all of the kinks and I thought it would be fine once I got it up there. The computer was fine when I got it up there, but the monitor wasn’t.

The monitor that she was going to use was one that my dad had grabbed last year moving out because it was operational except the pins on the cord were messed up. Randy fixed the pins, but one of them got busted off about halfway down. It still worked when we plugged it in to a computer so we figured all was fine, and it was while I was working with her computer last week. When I hooked it up in her room—nothing. The monitor would turn on but it wouldn’t get signal from the computer. I monkeyed with it for a while, but to no avail. With no other options, Kristin and I made an emergency run to Best Buy and picked her up a nice, black 17” monitor. It was open box so it only ended costing $90 which is pretty decent for a new monitor. After I switched that monitor in for the one that had been hooked up, everything ran like a charm.

Because of the monitor snafu I didn’t get out of St. Cloud until a little after 8:00 pm. I know that doesn’t seem very late, but I really dislike driving at night because I get tired while I drive normally and when it’s nighttime then the stress on me staying awake is even greater. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I had some wonderful driving experiences to keep me awake while I drove.

The events that I speak of are simply my run-ins with utterly retarded people not knowing how to drive. I think that besides drivers training and behind the wheel courses we should have a driver’s etiquette class that everyone is required to complete so that everyone knows not to drive like a frickin’ idiot on a highway occupied by other people besides themselves. First example: as I was coming home on 94 going east towards the cities the traffic suddenly slowed down to about 68 mph in both lanes. Why did it slow down? Because one car was in the right lane going 68 and in the left lane was a car that was passing the other at about 68.003 mph. The two cars stayed right next to each other for well over 10 miles. Eventually the car behind the left lane car started flashing their brights to maybe get the car to either slow down or speed up, but it was of no use. Thankfully once we got to Maple Grove the highway opened up into 3 lanes so everyone could pass the two idiots who were matching speed in adjacent lanes.

My second example isn’t so much a singular event, but my noticing that so many people fail to ever use their blinkers, or if they do it’s right when they get to a stop sign or after they’ve already starting turning. So many times cars would jump lanes and only put on their blinkers as they were in the process or if they’d already moved lanes. What the heck is the point of even using your blinker if you don’t turn it on until after you make the turn? Also, if you don’t use your blinker to signal where you’re going when coming to a stoplight, don’t get pissed if you get cut off because people assume you’re going to continue going straight if you don’t have your blinker on.

The last thing that really got to me were the people who wouldn’t put on their lights when dusk rolled around. Once it starts getting dark it would be nice if everyone put on their lights. What made me think about this was that it was close to dusk a few days ago as I was driving home. I met a car in the opposite lane who didn’t have their lights on. I flashed my brights at them to let them know their lights weren’t on. What do they do? Flash their brights at me and then turn their lights back off! Utter stupidity! I swear, some people should simply never be allowed on the road.

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