Thursday, January 08, 2004

Cement Dust

Since I was sick and was so busy at work the last week of December and the first week of this year I completely forgot to mention that the new Kingland website is up. Check it out. It was made almost from scratch (there were some preexisting templates and images, but not a ton) by none other than yours truly. I’m now in the process of going through and making everything uniform and also optimizing it. There was a lot of quick and dirty html work I did to get it up the way everyone wanted it before the new year, but now I have a chance to go back in and change some pages over to asp’s so they load quicker and so there is less overall clutter in the file structure. I’ll keep you updated as to when new versions of the site go up.
As many of you may have know, but most of you probably didn’t, my family has added on to our house this last summer/fall. I should really take some pictures and then post them so you’d all know what I’m talking about. I’ll see what I can do.

Anyhow, we added onto the south side of our house extending from our kitchen a big, open living room area. It’s quite big and quite pretty. Instead of just adding on the room upstairs, we also put in a basement section right underneath. We’re not sure what this room will turn in to yet. Dad wants to use it for a shop, Randy wants it for his bedroom, mom wants to store stuff in it, Ryan wants to make it a party room, and I used to want it for my room. I really don’t think I want it as my room any more, and I’m actually quite unsure as to what I think it would work good as.

Back to the story. When the addition was built on, we didn’t add in doors between the house and the addition because we wanted to wait until it was insulated and close to finished before we connected the two (it’s Minnesota and it would get way cold if we left an open doorway between the two without the additions being well insulated). Tuesday night we finally decided that it was time to connect the two basement rooms. To do this, however, my dad and myself had to knock through the wall…made of concrete. It wasn’t all that bad knocking through it except for one thing—all of the concrete dust that was in the air. It was like a thick fog of dust.

This dust cloud managed to take me from almost recovered from being sick to coughing up a storm the entire night so I can’t sleep again. I probably should have worn a respirator mask or something, but I honestly didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. Anyways, it’s all done and over now. The next phase is putting all of the wiring in the addition so that we can put insulation in the walls and then actually put up the interior of the walls. I can’t wait until it’s all completed!

Since there was open space in the basement addition that we could all now get to, I decided it was time to do some house cleaning. Next to my room and Randy’s room is what we call our “toy room”. It was originally our playroom from when we were kids but has turned into a storage room of sorts. Tons and tons of crap has accumulated and I thought it was time it got went through. I moved a bunch of Rubbermaid tubs of stuff out to the addition and worked my way down to the floor until I could finally see it, at which point I noticed it needed a good scrubbing, which is exactly what I did. Now that it’s all cleaned up I’ve sort of made it into my library and comic book storage area. It’s working out nicely and I think that maybe instead of building shelves in the addition for my comics I’ll just use the toy room instead.

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