Wednesday, March 10, 2004

It's a Small Town After All

Yesterday was the township election for Waltham. My dad was running for reelection at his position of county clerk. His position and another were both up for grabs. Running against my dad was…no one. There was also no one running in opposition for the other position. My dad won his position and the other dude got his too. It was actually a landslide in both cases—they each got 100% of the votes. Sounds pretty amazing, huh? Yeah, except for there were only 26 voters.

Now I’m not trying to knock my dad’s position or anything, but I do wonder if it is really necessary for elections when it comes to the small townships like the one I live in. I know it’s mandated by the government, but that only seems to make it more farcical. Basically, the same person gets their position every year unless they either give up or someone gets a bunch of their friends to write them in (according to my dad, this actually happened once). I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to get written in. All you have to do is get 15 of your friends in the area write you in and you’re pretty much guaranteed to win.

It seems like it would more feasible, especially since no one really runs against the incumbent, to just pick someone who wants to do it and let them do it until they want to throw in the towel or royally screw something up. I don’t know, but I guess to me grassroots politics on such a small scale is somewhat counterintuitive.

On a completely different note, I think I’m developing a mutant power or something. For the past two days my eyes have been on fire. They just burn. They’re also extremely bloodshot most of the day. No matter how many eyedrops I put in, 15 minutes after I do it my eyes hurt again. I keep waiting for a big, red, laser beam to start shooting from my eyes. Either that or I keep hoping I get x-ray vision. Either one would be pretty cool, unless I couldn’t control the lasers, of course.

The question that follows from that is if I did all of the sudden develop a mutant power, would I use it for good or evil. I suppose that would also depend on your definition of evil. If using my optic blasts to knock idiot drivers’ cars off the road, would that make me a bad guy? I hope not, because that would probably be the main thing I’d use them for.

Hmm…yeah, I’m all typed out for the day. I was going to also talk some about jobs and salaries, but I’ll save that for later this week. At the moment, though, I found something interesting over at My job at Kingland right now is a technical writer. Since that’s what I’d probably be hired on as full-time, I wanted to see what the average entry level tech writer salary was here in Roch. I was surprised by what I found. The page can be seen here. The average starting salary is $43,675. Not too bad if you ask me. The 25th percentile is even $38,238. Impressive. Now I only hope that I would get that much when hired on. We’ll see. I hope I don’t end up getting low-balled. I don’t really foresee it happening, but it is a fear I have, especially after seeing data like this. Meh, I’ll see when the time gets here.

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