Thursday, March 11, 2004

The DDR King

As I had said yesterday, my brother, Ryan, has finally managed to beat Max 300 on DDR at the hardest setting. I'm still pretty much in awe of his leg moving prowess. What's really amazing is that we only got DDR for Christmas a little over two months ago.

I remember when we picked it out to give to mom for Christmas. She had played it once or twice up at college and thought it was really cool. Since we didn't know what else to get her, and because I also knew that Ryan and I would get a lot of use out of it, we picked it up for the Xbox and gave it to her. When we first hooked it up, I was the master of the DDR pad. No one could even come close to matching my feet tapping moves. I was the Michael Jordan of the pads. Ryan was intrigued by it and played it more and more every day. Slowly but surely he began to get better.

Time passed and Ryan became quite the little learner at DDR. I was still content sitting on my laurels knowing that no one could yet top me, but Ryan was getting closer. A little while longer we were competing to see who was better. It was scary the progression Ryan made from someone who had never touched the game in his life to a master of the game. Given a little more time, Ryan has easily surpassed everything that I can do. Beating Max 300 was only one of the many things he now holds over me when playing. I may have been Michael Jordan for a while, but I'm too old to keep up to this little Lebron James of DDR that has surfaced at our house.

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