Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Attack of the Mutant, Killer Deer Ninjas

I am back to writing at Kingland now so my urge to write on this site is found to be on a decline once more. I look back to when I was in my journaling prime and I was posting 4-5 times a week. Now if I get 2 half-assed posts in during the week it can be viewed as a good amount. Maybe it's because summer is almost here and I want to be doing other things besides sitting in front of a computer screen, especially since I spend a solid 8 hours in front of one for work every day. I know I'm beating a dead horse by saying I want to post more and that I hate being in front of a computer, but every time I post I can't help but think about how much this site is idle when I have so much that I actually do want to write. Anyhow, onward I must go.

This last weekend I was up in St. Cloud again. I went up to see Kristin and also to go see the Diavolo dance company performance at CSB. I had seen them perform two years ago and it was simply amazing so I had high hopes for this performance. When I saw it a couple years ago, the main focus of the performance was on the acrobatics that the dancers performed. They had two big props that they used to do stunts that you'd be hard pressed to find outside of a circus performance. With that in mind, I was disappointed by this year's performance for two reasons. First, it was shorter than before and second, it was more interpretive dance than it was acrobatics.

The prop that they focuses on this year was a gigantic 5 ton wheel in the middle of the stage. It was supposed to represent a huge dreamcatcher, but I thought it looked a lot more like the Stargate from the movie Stargate. Most of the performance was spent with the dancers doing random stuff on the wheel, which was cool, but it just wasn't all that acrobatic. It was still good, but I don't think it was totally worth the $25 I had to shell out to see it.

As for the rest of the weekend, I spent most of it just chilling out with Kristin. We watched a lot of Smallville (man, this show is addicting) in order to finish up season 2. I am now eagerly anticipating watching the third season and catching up to what's being broadcast. We also took in the nice weather and went for a walk through CSB's woods. The walk was pretty interesting. Let me explain.

So Kristin and I were walking through the woods when we saw a deer a little ways off. We stood and stared at it for a little bit but as soon as we moved it ran off. We didn't think much more about the deer as we continued to walk, which is what led to the predicament we found ourselves in. While we were watching the deer on the horizon, two other deer had circled in behind us without us knowing. As we got further along the path, we found that a tree was blocking the path. That's when I realized we had been played for fools. I franticly turned around and grabbed Kristin to get out of the area, but we only ran smack dab into the two deer that had been trailing us.

I thought for sure that my time on this earth had come to an end. The deer were angry and I knew that it was only a matter of seconds before they pounced on us and tore our flesh apart. As I was saying my final prayers I caught a glimpse of pointy stick that was protruding out of the tree next to one of the deer. Not wanting to die being murdered by deer, I jumped at the closest one and managed tackle it into the sharp stick on the tree next to it. It let out a devilish growl as it breathed it's last breath.

While I was tackling the now dead deer, Kristin had attempted to incapacitate the other one. She had executed a swift roundhouse to the deer's head, but it wasn't enough to knock it out. I watched as they two squared off--Kristin using her karate skills while the deer was making use of some form of deer-fu. I didn't jump in to help as I knew I was out of my league, and I also wanted to keep my eye out for the third deer we had seen earlier.

The next minute happened so fast I hardly remember it. As Kristin laid the finishing blows on the second deer, I was jumped by the last deer. It managed to climb one of the trees while we were fighting his compatriots and had now jumped down on to me. I was flailing about trying to get bitten in any essential areas, but I was again facing certain death when a rock hit the deer in the head, knocking it unconscious. It the process of laying the final blow on the deer-fu deer, Kristin had accidentally kicked a rock on the ground next to her which hit the deer on top of me in the head. We had avoided a brutal slaughter by three of the most notorious evil deer in the CSB woods. The whole thing is still sinking in today.

What? You don't think that could have happened? Hrmph! Fine, you're right. Most of the story isn't true, but Kristin and I did see a really pretty deer while we were out on our walk.

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