Monday, April 05, 2004

Working in Rochester

Mission accomplished. Well, at least it’s almost accomplished. What mission, you may ask? Well, the mission of getting Kristin a job in Rochester for the summer. This weekend she came down to visit and on Saturday she went in for an interview at Hiawatha Homes, an organization that takes care of the mentally and physically handicapped. This job seemed like a natural fit for her considering her social work major. I also thought it would be a good job for her and would allow her to get some good experience in the human services field, especially since she’ll probably be working with people the rest of her life, unlike yours truly who will probably spent a good majority of time conversing with a computer screen in frustration.

So anyhow, I took her in on Saturday for her interview. It was supposed to be at 11:15 am. We managed to get there at a little after 11 (I hate being late for anything so any time I take anyone anywhere they also will never be late). We then hung out outside the door of the building. Why did we stay outside? Because the doors were locked. No one seemed to be in. once 11:30 rolled around we both started getting nervous that she was forgotten about. I took a lap around the building to see if I could find anyone while she waited at the door in case anyone showed up. Still nobody there when I got back from my trip around the area. Finally, as we were about ready to give up and head out the lady that was to interview Kristin showed up. Whew. From there Kristin filled out a bunch of forms, watched a video, and had the actual interview while I sat in the lounge reading Dracula.

On a side note, I’ve been reading Dracula for about 3 months now. It’s not really that long of a book and it is engaging, but I just have such a hard time focusing on reading it at night, or any text for that matter. I want so badly to finish this book, and many more that are on my reading shelves, but after poring over thousands upon thousands of words of text at work every day, my motivation for reading more, no matter how interesting it is, wanes once I get home. I think this is also the reason that most of the reading I do at night is in comic books. There are pictures in comics! I don’t get that at work. All I have there are words and technical diagrams. Hopefully one of these weekends I can use a good chunk of time to sit back, relax, and finish Dracula.

So Kristin finished up the interview and let me know she got the job. The interviewer was actually quite impressed by her qualifications and Kristin seemed to be very anxious about the job. I am quite happy for her, but one obstacle remains—making sure she can live down here for the summer. My family has offered her a place to stay in our house, Ryan’s room to be exact. Actually, it’s not really his room anymore since he’s migrated to sleeping in the basement on the living room floor every night. The only remnants of his occupying his old room are some assorted posters, a few things lying around the room, and a dresser with his clothes in it. The bed has been untouched for probably a year (except for the times mom wants a nap when we’re being loud in the living room or when we have a guest). My parents also have a makeshift closet clothes hanging thingy for the corner of the bedroom for her to put her clothes. It’s all pretty much ready for her to move on in.

I’m really hoping she can stay with us. It would be nice to spend more time with her as opposed to talking occasionally on the phone or IM and then seeing her on the weekends. I also know my family would love to have her around, especially Ryan since it would mean there would be one more player in the house for video games and cribbage. I could also dump off a bunch of my chores on her so I could have more lazy time to myself…… ok, so maybe I wouldn’t dump all of my chores on her, just a good chunk of them! So anyways, I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed and hope that all will work out for the summer time.

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