Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'll Probably Be a Nickel Stock Forever

As I strolling through the internet today, I managed to stumble upon an interesting blog related site--BlogShares. It has an interesting concept in that each blog on the internet equates to a stock on the stock market. The blog increases in value the more it is linked to or the more that people buy the stock. The blog can help provide value to other blogs by linking to them. It's neat, but if you don't know much about the stock market, it may be a little bit daunting at first. There is a lot of information tossed at you as soon as you start participating. Oh yeah, you don't have to own a blog to play the blog market. You can just register for free and start trading blog shares. If you do register, buy a bunch of stock in my site!

You'll also probably notice the little link to blogshares on the right of this page. I've put that there along with links to some other blogs and sites that I visit frequently. I figure that I think those blogs are good reads so maybe the few people that read this site will think they are good reads as well.

Speaking of good reads, I've almost finished Dracula. Hopefully over the next couple of days I can dedicate an hour or so to polishing it off. I'm kind of anxious to start a new book since I've been plugging away at this one for so long. Some authors on the top of my to read list are Cicero, Chekhov, Ibsen, and Kafka. I'm not sure which I will go with, but I'm leaning towards Cicero at the moment. I haven't read any philosophy in quite a while so I thought now would be a nice time to get back into it.

Last week I finally got around to planting this summer's garden. My grandpa usually grows a garden on one of our old building sites every year, but this year he decided not to. Since it was just going to sit there and not be used, I took it over for the summer. So far I've planted some sweet corn, radishes, carrots, string beans, onions, pumpkins, gourds, and watermelons. Ambitious, I know, but I usually have to plant a lot to get anything to grow. Many gardeners have a green thumb, however I possess the black thumb of the plague. I partially blame the soil at our house for my past failures, but even so I think I simply have bad luck with plants as well. Case in point: my pepper plants in the house.

So it might not be completely my fault, or even my fault at all, that my pepper plants were murdered a little over a week ago, but I do feel somewhat responsible. I had some bell pepper and jalapeño pepper plants growing in pots in the house. They were getting to be about 2-3 inches tall when our house kitty, Sam, decided they looked appetizing. Now there is only one pepper plant left in one of the pots. Some others are coming up now, so it wasn't a total loss, but I learned that cats will eat pepper plants if you leave them out.

To teach Sammy a lesson, I might let the jalapeño plants grow to the point where they have pepper buds that are nicely spicy, at which time I will then let Sam eat one of the plants if wants. That should teach him that pepper plants are no-no's to eat. The only thing I would dread would be the icky, liquid cat poop that he would no doubt produce. Still, it would teach that cat a lesson!

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