Monday, May 17, 2004

Why Do Girls in Horror Movies Always Fall Down?

Oy, things have been busy the last week or so. Tons of stuff to do at work. Plenty to do at home. Things breaking that need fixing. Only 24 hours in a day. 8 go to work. 1.5 go to driving. 7 go to sleep. The other 7.5 are divided up doing chores at home, eating, attempting to fix my computer, and possibly getting a little free time to just relax. Lately, the last thing on that list hasn't been very prominent. Fortunately, I had this last weekend to unwind.

I took off for St. Cloud to go visit Kristin and bring some of her stuff down to my place since she'll be moving in to Ryan's room next weekend and starting her job the Monday after. It'll be nice to have her around, about 50 steps from my room, instead of 175 miles away. My family is also quite happy about having her come stay, which is very comforting. It would suck to the extreme if they didn't want her around.

So this weekend while I was up in Cloud, Kristin and I took in a couple of movies, unfortunately neither of them being Troy (although I am a little leery about seeing it because of many of the negative reviews it's gotten). Instead we saw Secret Window at the cheap seats and Texas Chainsaw Massacre in her basement. Secret Window was a pretty good mystery movie. The plot was a little predictable and offered few real surprises, but Johnny Depp was phenomenal as usual (he was actually the only reason we went to see it).

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the updated version) was also an ok movie. I wasn't expecting much, but for a horror movie, it didn't really suck too bad. Of course, there are still plenty of clich├ęd moments like having a hot chick with big boobs running from the antagonist in the rain in a white t-shirt and then tripping over something so that the bad guy can catch up and then she just barely escapes. Also include plenty of moments of gross torture, maiming, and killing. There, now you have your basic horror movie, which this definitely was.

On a positive note, the assload of prototype .jsp mockups that I was working on last week are done... for the moment. They're being looked over by whoever needed to look them over and then they'll tell me what I need to change (hopefully nothing). Since that is done, it's back to writing another user manual. It's kind of funny that as busy as I was last week, it was nice to be doing a little bit of lazy programming (doing html and jsp work) instead of writing. I needed a change for a bit, and that worked out nicely.

What hasn't worked out nicely is my desktop computer. Turns out that not only is one of my hard drives bonked, but it appears as if my motherboard or an attached component may be hosed as well. My guess is motherboard since it's the oldest component and all it does is beep like R2D2 at me whenever I try to start it up. I checked all my connections to make sure they're sound and that I have all of my jumpers set correctly. I haven't changed them since I installed my DVD burner around Christmas, but I thought I should check anyhow. Maybe some evil computer gnomes had decided to play a trick on me. I really didn't know. Still beeps over and over. I'm thinking it's pretty much a goner.

Thankfully Kristin sent Betsy, her computer, home this weekend so at least I'll have a desktop to use to throw my dvd burner and hard drives in so I can get at my stuff. Wouldn't it be nice if laptops had external IDE connectors? If they did, I could just hook my drives in to my laptop instead of having to attempt to overtake Kristin's computer. We'll see how the surgery goes tonight. I plan on transplanting my DVD burner and my hard drives over to her computer in place of her CD burner and CD-ROM drive. Let's pray that it works and that nothing else breaks on me.

Lastly, here's some linkage to a few bands that I've recently been in love with. First, Demon Hunter has a new disc out that everyone should get. Next, on May 24th everyone should pick up the new cd from 4Lyn. It's a wonderfully unique brand of metal unlike most of what's out there. Third, you should go out to your local record store tomorrow and pick up Out of Your Mouth, another unique metal band that doesn't take themselves too seriously. Lastly, if you haven't picked up Dead Poetic's cd New Medicines, then you need to do it right now. Oh, one more thing, if you haven't been reading, you should be since I write reviews for them. Shameless plug, I know, but go there!

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