Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Thank You Computer, Thank You SO Much!

Things are just going from plain bad to worse. Really, I thought with all of the crap that happened to me last week, culminating with the death of my great grandmother, things might start to look up. I guess I assumed that enough things had gone wrong for me to hit the bottom. I was wrong. Here's the latest and greatest of what's now happened to little, old woeful me.

I was working on my computer (my desktop) at home a couple of days ago when it started getting all freaky on me. Any time a program would try to access my storage hard drive it would freeze or give some weird errors. When I tried working with the drive itself, it started acting goofy and not showing me exactly what was on the drive. Before I knew it, Windows told me it had an update to install. I thought maybe this would help my problem. As I was letting it install, I got some way funky error and my computer instantaneously rebooted itself. When it came back up, my storage drive was listed, but completely inaccessible because of "an I/O error". Crap. This wasn't looking good.

I tried Windows update again, and once more it crashed, but this time when it restarted something was different--it would flash a gnarly error message at me right after the Windows XP boot screen and then reboot. Grand. I was way happy. I needed to redo my Windows install soon anyways since it was getting cluttered with crap, so I figured this was my computer's way of telling me to do it right now. As I was reinstalling Windows, I had it examine my storage drive. When it did, it couldn't decipher what type of file structure it was using or what was on it. Looking even worse for that drive.

I reinstall Windows and everything works like a charm once again...... except for the fact that now I have to reinstall everything which is a huge ass chore in and of itself that'll take me a couple of weeks (I reinstall stuff as I need to use it). My storage drive still showed up and was still inaccessible because of "an I/O error". I don't know what to do. I can't get at what's on the drive and I don't want to try reformatting it. I would if it didn't have so much stuff I wanted. My entire mp3 collection, which took me FOREVER to rip (I had around 400 cds I owned that I ripped) and about 30 gigs of fansubbed anime that I was going to watch are on this drive. I really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to lose this stuff.

For the time being I just took the drive out of my computer and hopefully some computer guru who has more knowledge than me can help me recover my files. Maybe if I put it in a Linux box it could read the drive or at least try to? I dunno, but I really want my stuff off of it.

Also, work has been extremely busy. One of our customers needs a whole boat load of page mockups for a new program we might be building and our team doesn't have a whole lot of time to get it done so we're all cramming to finish them this week. I hardly even have a chance to check my email during the day. Hopefully by the end of next week, everything should be slowed back down and at a normal pace. I really hope so because then Kristin will be here. YAY!!! She'll be living down here at my family's place for the summer working in Rochester at Hiawatha Homes.

Well, I'm going to go attempt to fix my computer for a while and try not to be pissed that the world seems to be conspiring against me and not letting anything swing in my direction. At least this site hasn't crashed while I've been working on it. Hip hip hooray for the internet not sucking.

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