Friday, May 07, 2004

It Could Save Your Life

It is very important that you wear your seatbelts whenever you're in a car. The research has been done, the data compiled, and history has shown us--always buckle up when you're riding in a car. I wouldn't want anyone to lose his or her life because of the irresponsibility of not fastening a seat belt upon entering a vehicle. I would also not want someone to stain their nice white shirt while drinking coffee and driving at the same time. That's right, I have had first hand experience of a seat belt saving me from a modern atrocity--a coffee stained shirt.

Every morning I go through the same routine. Wake up. Meander upstairs and put on some coffee. Brush my teeth. Hop in the shower. Get dressed and grab all my crap I need to take to work. Grab my coffee and hop in my car for the 40 minute commute. During my commute, I usually polish off my mug of coffee. Well, yesterday was no different. I was on my way to work and as I was putting my mug up to my mouth, I hit a nasty bump which caused my coffee to slosh out of my mug and right down onto my chest. Being that I was wearing a nice, white, button-up shirt I was not expecting a good sight when I glanced down, but miraculously, all of the spilled coffee ended up on the seat belt and soaking into it instead of my shirt. My seat belt had saved my shirt's life. See, it does do you good to wear it!

On a completely random tangent, I was thinking about my first few weeks of high school, oh so many years ago (and just as a note, in the little hick town of Hayfield where I went to school, high school started at 7th grade). The sheer amount of bullcrap that the older kids fed you when you first arrived in high school was amazing. They would tell you wrong class times, wrong locations for classes, and any other underhanded falsity they could. They also warned you of the dreaded "swirly". Yes, you may have heard of it before. This even happened when you were ceremoniously taken into the bathroom by the upper classmen and had your head dunked in the toilet while they flushed it. When you'd come out of the toilet, your hair would be in a swirl, hence naming the activity "swirly".

I dreaded ever getting a swirly. It was probably my biggest fear. I didn't care about fitting in, or doing good in class, or finding my way around. I just wanted to avoid the swirly. Well, as time went on, I noticed that no one was ever wandering the halls with a wet shirt or swirled hair. Hmmm..... maybe what I've been told wasn't true. Then one day I saw it. One of the poor eighth graders came out of the bathroom after some of the older kids and, sure enough, his shirt was all wet and his hair was soaked (although it did lack a swirl...) My fear reinvigorated my body. I was on edge for the next couple of weeks until I realized that what I had witnessed was probably an isolated incident. From that day on I put my fear of the almighty swirly behind me. Looking back, I'm amazed that I was initially led to believe that I would get one simply for being a 7th grader. Man, I was dumb.

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