Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Doing Ok for the Most Part

First I need to make a quick correction about my last post. In it I said that I may possibly have a carotid artery. Well, I definitely do simply because that's the name of an artery in my neck. What I may possibly have wrong with it is that it may be serrated. In all of the doctor-speak my physician was spouting I didn't catch everything. After a little looking on the internet and remembering exactly what he told me I found out that carotid was the name of the artery and having it serrated is what might be wrong. Either way, I still hope I don't have anything wrong.

Since I last posted I haven't had another headache... until today, but I think that might be because I'm getting sick. Anyhow, I've been quite good, but then again I also have done close to nothing in the exercise category. I moved some branches around in our yard and moved some logs yesterday, but that's about it for the extent of my physical exertion. I really hope that on Monday I get cleared and can start working out again. I feel unbelievably fat and I can't stand just sitting around. As much fun as doing a bunch of reading, cleaning my room, watching tv & movies, and playing video games is, I need to get out and doing something physical.

I've already lost a bunch of muscle definition and I'm putting on weight as a result of my lack of physical activity in the last week (and forthcoming week as well). I've always been a little quasi-obsessive about my weight and by my sitting around I've become even more self conscious. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to do anything outside with my shirt off without feeling horribly self conscious for quite a while. My goal, if cleared, will be to get back into the shape I was in before this fiasco by the end of July. It'll probably mean that I'll have to get plenty of exercise every day and I hope that I'll be able to fit it in around many of the other things I'm always doing.

On a much happier note... well, somewhat sad I guess, but anyways... we have a little kitten in the house now that we are taking care of. Over the weekend my mom heard the dog barking very excitedly at something by one of our sheds. As she went out, she found Karma, our dog, to have a kitten in her mouth.

Anyhow, this time my mom managed to get to the animal before it was too injured. From what we could tell, the kitten was in pretty good shape except it was covered in slobber and was walking pretty gingerly on its back legs. Oh, just for clarity's sake, this kitten is a he and we named it Stitch, after the character in the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

After bringing the kitten in, we all took our turns nursing him back to health. He did a lot of sleeping for the first day, but the next day he started drinking milk from an eyedropper and eating some mushy food. Now, as of today, he's running around, playing with toys, chasing our feet, and getting around just like a normal little kitten. Unfortunately, it also cries like your typical kitten. I'll take a live, crying kitten any day to the alternative (a dead kitten). Now I just have to work on my parents to let us keep it as a house cat. I know we already have two, but they could always use some company, right?

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