Wednesday, June 02, 2004

G.I.Joe vs. Bin Laden, Story at 5!

By taking some quiz online I found out that if I was an 80's toy, I'd be a Speak and Spell. A speak and spell, huh? I was kind of hoping that I would have been something a little bit cooler, but I suppose this is an appropriate toy, considering I was pretty dorky when I was little... and I suppose I still am. I never had a Speak and Spell, however, so I can't really relate to it at all.

In the 80's my main toys of choice were G.I.Joe and Transformers. I must have had a hundred G.I.Joe figures and a bunch of vehicles. When our basement was unfinished, I would set up gigantic battles between the Joes and Cobra. I always had to give Cobra an edge, though, since I had significantly less Cobra figures than Joes. Usually there would be a bunch of Joes working for Cobra and then as they were about to lay the killing blow, the Joes working for Cobra would turn on them and lead them to victory.

The whole Joe betrayal scenario played out way too many times, but I wasn't creative enough to figure out too many other ways to make the battles even. Maybe if Hasbro would have made more Cobra figures instead of churning out a bajillion new Joes, I could have had even teams. Of course Hasbro wouldn't want to promote terrorists by having a lot of Cobra figures or by making them cool (although I did think that Destro was by far the coolest character).

I kind of wonder how well the G.I.Joe cartoon would go over now in post 9/11 America. I saw that there is now a CGI G.I.Joe cartoon on Cartoon Network, but I have only caught a glimpse of it. I'd be interested to see more, but we don't have cable and my dad canceled the DSS subscription a while ago. I didn't think I'd miss having more than four channels available, but I kind of do. I miss not being able to watch ESPN, Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi, and Comedy Central. There wasn't really any other stations I watched, except for TNT when they'd have basketball on, but my basketball watching for the year is now done since, in the last two days, both the T-Wolves and the Pacers were eliminated. Let's just hope the Lakers don't win. I don't want the title held by a potential rapist.

Ok, just so you know, I've redid the structure of my site and some of the asp coding. It shouldn't be noticeable to you, but if a page doesn't work, or something's messed up, could you please let me know? Thanks. I was trying to set up a decent way of handling the massive amount of htm files that comprise my archived thoughts because the way I currently had them stored didn't sit so well with me. I've also been told that the message board I had up is being missed. It never got much use so that's why I took it down. If people think I should code a new one to put up, again, just let me know. Anyhow, I hope everything is working ok.

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