Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Throbbing, Pulsating, Yet Refreshingly Annoying

Continuing the trend I started last week, I'm going to attempt to post every work day. It's good for me to get into a habit or else I won't ever keep up. In the past whenever I let this site go for a little bit, my motivation for writing would wane and I'd often be inclined to simply ignore this site. I don't like being ignored, so I figure my site doesn't like it either... well, it wouldn't if it was a sentient creature, which it isn't... or so we think... hmm... sounds like a sweet movie idea... or maybe not... but if I did make a movie about my blog coming to life it couldn't be any worse than The Day After Tomorrow.

Yeah, saw it this weekend. Wasn't so good. For being a movie about the end of the world it sure was boring. All the good CGI scenes are over in the first hour and then the rest of the movie is like a really bad after school special. A kid's dad treks through the snow to find him because he promised him that he would come. Ugghh. The cheesy, clich├ęd lines were also tossed around in abundance. Everything about the plot of the second half of the movie was just melodramatic crap. So... it sucked. 'Nuff said.

Now onto other wonderful breaking news. Well, not breaking in the sense of new, but breaking in the sense of my shoulder and head not working properly. Last week while I was lifting I thought I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. While doing some curls, I had a shooting pain go through my shoulder and up into my head. It was one of those pulsating, throbbing pains. Imagine a really intense headache and then expand the pain to engulfing your shoulder as well. The pain faded and I figured that I just needed some time off for my shoulder to recuperate.

I was wrong. Turns out that any time I do anything physical, my shoulder and head start to throb. Maybe it's just that it was tender and needed some more time. I gave it time and Sunday night the pain came back with a vengeance and instead of fading like it usually did all last week, it just continued to throb, but mostly in my head, not my shoulder. All day yesterday and today I've had a pulsating pain in my shoulder and head. I don't know what it is and why it won't go away and why it gets worse whenever I do anything active, but I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Thursday morning to have it checked out. Hopefully a doctor can tell me what's up and fix me. It's getting real hard to not do anything active. I already feel like a huge, fat pig since I haven't done any real exercise in a week. Going from doing something active every day to nothing at all is quite the jarring experience for me. I hate it. The end.

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