Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Aww, Poop

Anyone who has a cat knows that their crap smells something fierce. Their poop is easily the most rancid of any animal in existence. If you've never smelt cat dookie, then just take my word for it, it's nasty. With that in mind, I have a wonderful little story to tell you.

Two nights ago I was getting myself ready for bed, snuggling myself under my covers, and preparing for a peaceful night of rest. Like many other nights, the family dog, Karma, was spending the night in my bed. She usually snuggles up right beside me at the small of my back, sometimes trying to steal the entire bed (which is quite a feat for such a small dog). I turned out the lights and proceeded to fall asleep.

Later on in the night, at about 4:30 am to be a little more precise, I wake up for some odd reason. As I wake up, I feel fur on my left arm. Reaching over to it with my right arm, I feel that it's our little kitten, Stitch. I think to myself, "Aww... how cute. The kitten came in to sleep with me tonight." About five seconds later another thought went racing through my head, "What is that rancid smell?"

As the fumes hit my nostrils for a second time, I knew what I was smelling--cat poo poo. Considering that I hate the smell of cat crap, I rolled over to turn on my lights. As I rolled over, I felt something mush onto the back of my boxers. Sure enough, when I turned on the lights and looked at my bed and boxers, there was the cat dung--smack dab in the middle of my freakin' bed.

After I realized I had cat crap on my boxers, I quick changed out of them, threw the kitten to the floor, ripped my bed apart, grabbed my sheets and kitten, and headed up stairs. The sheets were thrown in the laundry and the kitten was thrown in the litter box.

Once I got back down to my room, I thought the whole ordeal was over. Oh, how I was wrong. I had forgotten that cat crap possesses the ability to let its smell fester for hours wherever it has been. I don't know how long the cat dung was sitting on my bed, but it was long enough so that the smell had entrenched itself in my room. About fifteen minutes and half a can of air freshener later, I had managed to mask the cat crap smell from my room.

By the time I had done all of this, I was no longer that tired and I was a little disconcerted by the fact that my cat crapped on my bed. Did I do something to the poor thing? Maybe I rolled on him during the night and he got pissed off so he let some doo doo fly on my sheets. Maybe I didn't feed him enough that night. Maybe I've given the cat some crazy psychosis from making it repeatedly jump into the floor as it tries to pounce on my foot. I don't really know. All I know is it crapped on my bed and I wasn't happy.

I finally saw a movie that didn't utterly suck yesterday! I was wondering if I was going to go through the entire summer without seeing one decent flick. I was a little tepid going into I, Robot, but it managed to be a decent movie. It was far from being a truly great film, but the special effects, moderately involved story, and fine acting performances made it a respectable film. I was disappointed that pretty much the only thing this movie shared in common with the Asimov stories was the movie name and the three laws of robotics, but even so the movie was watchable.

On the video game front, Kristin and I *finished* Brute Force yesterday. I tentatively say "finished" because I think we found a bug that doesn't allow us to beat the last level. We've followed tutorials, walkthroughs, and faqs to the letter and still one part of the mission we cannot complete.

Basically, you have to get the shield down that are protecting the end boss so you can kill him. We have destroyed the shield generators and flipped all the damn switches we're supposed to, but no matter what we do the shields are still up around the end boss. I figure that we somehow did something so that our save file got wonky and now it won't let us beat the final level. Considering the story kind of sucked anyways, we just consider the game finished for all intents and purposes.

Now that we have that game beat, Kristin picked up Prince of Persia to play while I continue playing Breakdown. When we want to do some co-op play, we're going to start Hunter: Redeemer. Hooray for video games!

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