Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I Dare You to Throw a Sword at Me

After reading this blog posting about what comics appeal to different demographics, I got to thinking about what Kristin and I enjoy when buying/reading comics. I know that not a lot of my usual readers read comics, but I thought I'd take a look at how we spend our money anyways, if just for personal enjoyment.

First, there are some common comics that we both like to read. One of the biggest commonalities is the X-Men universe. I am an X-slut and purchase just about every X-Men comic that comes out (minus the retarded Jubilee series that will be starting soon). At the moment, I get almost 10 different X-titles a month including X-men, Astonishing X-Men, Excalibur, Wolverine, Cable/Deadpool, New X-Men: Academy, and a few others. Kristin and I both read most of these.

Thinking about it now, though, I wonder why I continue getting a lot of the X-titles. For the most part, the writing contained in many of them is just horrible (Chuck Austen being the main perpetrator, but Chris Claremont has been sucking it up too lately). Kristin still enjoys them for the most part, however, but I think that's because she has more of an attachment to some of the characters than I do.

We also like reading fantasy comics. I recently picked her up the first Tellos trade paperback from Image and she seems to be enjoying it. We'll probably also read the Dragonlance: Legend of Huma mini together once all of the issues come in. I might also try to pick up a full run of Sojourn now that Crossgen has gone under (driving the prices of their back issues way down). Fantasy seems to be a genre that transcends the genders, as many of you may have noticed from the swarms of women attending all of the LOTR movies.

The rest of the comics we differ on. I like to get some lesser known, grittier comics such as Fallen Angel and the Losers from DC, Patient Zero, Sword of Dracula, and the Walking Dead from Image, and Conan from Dark Horse, to name a few. I like the more mature nature of these titles as I don't feel like the writers are pulling any punches like I feel they do when writing mainstream titles.

Kristin has never really gotten into these titles, but instead has formed a love of manga. Over the summer she's read the first 9 volumes of Fushugi Yugi and I'm ordering Demon Ororon for her. She tends to lean towards the mystical manga titles, probably because of her love of fantasy.

As for superheroes outside of the X-men, she doesn't really get into any (although she loves Superman, just not the comics). I have some that I like to read, such as Batman, Superman, and The Outsiders, but most of the others (ie: Spider-Man, the Avengers, and most Marvel superheroes) just don't do it for me.

Hmmm.... all of the sudden I have no idea where I was going with this. Well, at least now you have an idea of what kinds of comics me and the gf like just in case you want to mail some to us... or something.

On a side note, you can't throw swords! I was talking about this topic with a coworker over the past few days while we discussed King Arthur. It seems like every movie that has a sword in it has to have someone throwing it. Have you ever tried to throw a sword? If you actually have, you'll know first hand that it just doesn't work. A sword is not weighted for throwing--it's weighted for easy handling when hacking and slashing.

If you were to try to throw a sword, it would be extremely hard to keep the point forward. A sword is weighted so that an equal amount of weight is in the hilt and in the blade so that if you were to balance the sword, at the point where the hilt meets the blade, on your fingertip, it should balance perfectly (Orlando Bloom does this in Pirates of the Caribbean, if you remember that scene). When thrown the densest portion of the sword is at the rear. This causes the sword blade to veer off as the densest portion of the sword makes its way towards the front of the flight path. Unless the sword was thrown absolutely straight, it would hit its target at an odd angle, most likely not an angle that would cause damage, and most definitely not an angle that would lodge the blade into someone's flesh.

So Hollywood, if you're listening, knock it off with all of the lame ass sword throwing. It just doesn't work.

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