Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Mutant Goldfish People

Sometimes the sheer stupidity of people amazes me. Really, how can some people be so dumb and still manage to survive in the world today? I was confronted with someone today who must obviously be stupid, maybe not extremely stupid, but stupid enough nonetheless.

I had to run to Best Buy over lunch today to pick up a graphics card for my computer since the graphics card that is currently in my computer is going in someone else's... long story, doesn't apply to anything now. Anyhow, I needed a graphics card so I picked up a GeForce 5500 OC 256MB DDR. This will be replacing the Radeon 9600 SE that I had.

As I brought it up to the check out counter, I set it down and waited to be helped. A couple of minutes later, I was checked out by a woman who was probably about 40 years old. Someone this old still working a check out counter should have been my first clue as to the intelligence level of this particular individual, but I was having an off day and assumed she was a capable person. I checked out without any troubles and as I was signing my name on their little touchpad to finish my credit card payment for the card she asked if I wanted a bag to put the card in. I said "No, I don't need one."

She looked at my credit card and license, checking my signature, and then handed them back to me. As I was putting them in my wallet, she grabbed the receipt and put it with the video card in a bag and handed it to me wishing me a good day......

.....notice what's wrong with that situation? What did she do wrong? If you can't figure it out then I question your intelligence. What part of "No, I don't need a bag" did she not understand? There was probably less than a 30 seconds time lapse between the time I said I didn't need a bag and the time she put my card in a bag. I'm starting to wonder if she is really a goldfish in a human body...... but unfortunately goldfish have longer attention spans than what is traditionally thought (they actually do possess some long term memory).

The last couple of days, including today, have been pretty dreary. It's been overcast, hazy, humid, and rainy. All of these only help to contribute to a bad mood. I've been working on writing help text for a new product at work while learning how reports in a new product work so that I can write the help text for those as well. As I sit here reading and writing, because of the crappy weather, I really have no happy outlet to look to. On other days when I feel bored, down, or just grouchy I can simply stand up, take a look out the window, see the nice weather and I'll be reinvigorated to work so that I can accelerate getting home to enjoy the outside. Right now, I don't want to go outside because it's unappealing.

It's odd that since I don't want to go outside and aren't really looking forward to going out that I would want to do even less work now. Logically, I tell myself that I should be working extra hard now when it sucks out so that when a nice day comes along I don't have to sit here in the office working--I could just leave. Unfortunately, logic and how my body feels often don't agree with one another.

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