Monday, August 23, 2004

Steele County Fair - Thumbs Down

Yesterday was Sunday, which is a day that our family likes to use to try to do something together, or at least spend some time together. This usually occurs around lunch time, right after church. Sometimes we'll do things together, like go to a movie or go out to eat or do some yard work together or, as we did yesterday, plan on going to the demolition derby at the Steele County Fair. I said "plan" for a reason, and that reason is we never actually got to go.

No, we didn't all of the sudden get lazy and not go to the fair. We did that. No, we didn't decide it was too expensive to go in (even though it really is a rip off at $12 per adult). We would have shelled out the $50 for us all to go. We were, in fact, foiled by whoever was in charge of making the fair schedule flyers.

Every year there is a demolition derby at the fair, that's a given, but when it is can change from year to year. Wanting to know when this year's derby was, my mom looked at one of the fair's flyers that they sent out in the mail or had out at local businesses for people to grab. It said 6:00 pm on Sunday. Cool. That would give us plenty of time in the afternoon to relax and watch the Olympics before watching some car crunching action.

Little did we know that whoever was in charge of scheduling decided to completely ignore the flyers that had already been put out and change the time of the derby to 4:00 pm. They updated their online schedule, but anyone who didn't check the online postings and put trust in the flyers that were sent out were going to miss the derby.

Huh, that seemed like an awesome move, didn't it? Why not change the schedule because you want to and only update the website. Do the people in charge of the fair know what type of people go to their rinky-dink conglomerations of crap? Most of them probably don't use the internet. Even if they did, would someone normally think to double check the official flyer's schedule just in case the promoters decided to pull a big freakin' joke on the majority of their target audience? Honestly, the fair organizers must be some of the dumbest people on this planet and how they ever got their jobs is beyond me.

Needless to say, we didn't get to go to the derby. Instead we just walked around for a bit and checked out what was at the fair, which was pretty much nothing. It wasn't unexpected as I am not a fair person at all. What did amaze me as we were walking around, though, was the people and their lack of respect for others, for animals, and for themselves.

First, I saw so many people at the fair who simply didn't have respect for the fairgrounds or what was contained therein. People just toss their trash on the ground instead of walking a few feet to a garbage can and putting it in there. Are people just too lazy to lift their arm up to a 90 degree angle and drop their soda cup into the garbage instead of simply releasing their grip on it and letting it fall to the ground? Really, they're walking around the fair so why can't they deviate from their course just a little bit and make their way towards a garbage to dump their trash?

Everyone that just leaves their trash lying on the ground should have a big-ass dump truck full of nasty, smelly garbage dumped on their lawn. This wouldn't directly solve the problem in a lot of cases as it seems the most disrespectful people there, in regards to littering, are teens. Maybe dumping a bunch of crap on their parents' lawn, they will learn to teach their kids some respect.

While the parents are lecturing their kids on not being dumbasses, they could also attempt to teach them how to dress. I can't believe how many horribly dressed people were at the fair. Now I'm not talking horribly dressed as in having bad taste. No, I mean that people dressed with no respect for how they looked. Considering that most of the teenage girls that go to the fair are at least a little overweight, with some being quite so, being scantily clad is not a good thing.

What has become one of my biggest pet peeves over the last few years is the way that teen girls have been dressing. They seem to think the less cloth used in their clothing is better, as well as having what cloth is there be as tight as humanly possible.

The biggest offender in my book of clothes that should not be worn by people who are overweight are the low-cut, tight-as-hell jeans or capris that girls like to wear. When a girl pours herself into these pants, does she not see the ugly "spare tire" roll that she has all the way around the top of the belt line of her pants? Obviously not because she chooses to wear a midriff exposing t-shirt or tank top. It grosses me out to no end seeing that jiggly fat roll bouncing around as these girls walk. Either put on some pants that fit or else wear a shirt that goes down far enough to cover your midriff! Respect yourselves!

Lastly, I saw one scene that really, really pissed me off. There was a Cabela's fish tank on display with a bunch of large fish in it. I'm no fish expert, but these all looked like fish you'd catch to eat when out fishing. The top of the tank was open but about 10 feet off of the ground, no doubt in order that people wouldn't stick their hands or other things in the water. Well, that didn't stop one person I saw as I was walking by from putting something not wanted into the tank.

Now this wasn't some kid that did this, it was a full grown adult male.. There were kids there, however--his kids! The dad proceeds to toss a dime or something else in there to see what the fish would do. That's just stupid. When the dime gets in the water one of the larger fish tries to eat it, probably thinking its food. It chews on the dime for a while and looks like it can't get it out of its mouth, but it finally does. Seeing that the fish will attempt to eat coins, this moronic father tosses another coin in. Why are people like this allowed to continue breathing? I am in constant amazement that some people don't just fall over dead because of the sheer amount of stupidity weighting them down.

I guess I must be one of the few sane people left on this planet. There aren't many of us left and I am fearful of what the world will be like in 20 years when all of the F'ed up youth of today are grown up and responsible for making society flow. Maybe people my age were just as bad when they were young, but I must never have been around people so disrespectful, and for that I am thankful.

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