Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Broken Power Lines and Werewolves

I had thought that we might finally be done with all of the ramifications of the imbriferous* storms that we had a couple of weeks ago, but I was wrong. Ever since those rains, the power in our house has been fluctuating. We thought that it might just be our running too many things at one time, but when we started thinking about it we knew that couldn't be the case.

Since the basement is a total mess, we haven't had anything running down there. We have two less computers running than we usually do. The only things that are running now that didn't before are our subpump and a the lights in the addition (since I now reside there, they're on a little more).

We tested to see if it might be from the subpump running or a loose connection in the wiring of the pump, but it turns out that that wasn't it. My dad's guess is that the ground line for our power line to the house might be shorting. He has an electrician out looking at it today. Hopefully he finds something and takes care of it because I would hate for everything in our house to get fried. We already had that happen once when lightning struck our place.

Back when that happened we lost a stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, couple of computers, couple of vcr's, tv, and some other stuff. The lightning strike was so intense that it fried our computers even though they were on surge protectors. If you think that a little protector will save your computer, I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't count on it. We now have nice, big APC battery backup power surge protectors on our computers (and I have one on my big screen tv to keep it from getting hurt).

Once the whole power thing is fixed, that should be the end of having to deal with the results of the flooding rains. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case.

Last night was one of the first nights, well, one of many nights I suppose, in which I noticed how truly nice it is to sleep in the moonlight. Our addition has five gigantic windows on the south side that make it so that the south wall is almost like one big window. As I laid down to go to sleep, I was bathed in moonlight and it felt nice. Living in the basement or a dorm room/college apartment so many years, I've forgotten what it's like to have such a view of the outside at night.

It makes me almost want to go grab a sleeping bag and roll it out on the lawn and sleep there. Unfortunately, I'm sure the dogs would make it not so much of a fun time as they love to lick you when you're at their level and I don't enjoy sleeping in dog slobber.

I keep hoping that one of these nights when there is a full moon that I'll develop some type of werewolf alter ego, but one which I had control over. Really, what's the point of being able to turn into a werewolf if you can't control it? I'd be pissed if the only thing I got out of being a werewolf was that I woke up naked out in a field once a month. If I'm going to be rending someone's flesh apart, I want to control who I'm doing it to so that I can totally rip apart assholes (Harlan & JoAnn Buck and Jim Nelson) instead of nice people.

I hope that Jim's email gets fully loaded with spam, the bastard. He's continuing to sell my great-grandmother's comics on ebay and claiming they aren't ours. Here's his ebay account. We've emailed the buyers and some of the comics he's selling/sold have had the name of my great-grandfather RIGHT ON THEM. How does he explain that? He doesn't. He just gets pissed at us for looking into it and won't give us an explanation after the many times we've questioned him about it. JoAnn and Harlan are simply the douchebombs that mishandled my great-grandmother's estate. I don't have their email address or else I'd post it on here to so they got spamified too.

If you want, feel free to email Jim telling him what a bastard he is. I'm sure he'd enjoy it. I know I would if you did. Or if you're one of the lucky ones that can control yourself when in werewolf form, please go rip them limb from limb and do the world a favor. That's not too much to ask, now is it?

*[im-BRIF-er-us] bringing rain; rainy. From a Latin word meaning 'a shower'.

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