Monday, September 27, 2004

The Bar Life

This last weekend I went up to St. Cloud to visit Kristin and celebrate her birthday with her. Well, it wasn't her birthday per se, since it was actually on Wednesday, but I wanted to celebrate over the weekend since I couldn't be there on her birthday. I figured I should take her out to the bar at least once now that she's 21, so we did on Friday night.

Kristin, myself, and a few other friends went to Sal's, one of the three bars in St. Joseph. We didn't really stay there very long as it was filled with people that were, well, not quite as young as us. Since it was St. John's homecoming weekend, there were tons of alums up hanging out. I guess all of the older ones decided to go to Sal's.

Before I go any further, I should note that the biggest draw for going to the bar, in my opinion, is the people watching. There's ALWAYS at least a couple of complete jack-asses or idiots that will manage to give you a good laugh. Sal's was no exception. I saw one guy that must have been about 30 or so who was completely bald on top but had long, shoulder length scraggly hair. It wasn't just this atrocious haircut that made him stand out. No, he also made it his duty to say hi to everyone around him and give the "arm around the shoulder" man hug to all the guys he talked with. It was extremely amusing to me.

Since there were so many old people there, we migrated to the La, a more college oriented bar. Oddly enough, it was "pimps and hoes" night so there were plenty of odd looking people to watch. It was here that I saw the most amazing thing at the bars in a really, really long time--a 50 or so year old couple dressed as a pimp and ho. It was hilarious to see a couple that old getting into it. What made it even more hilarious is that it was the parents of one of the girls at the bar. She appeared absolutely mortified while at the same time proud to have such odd parents. I'm sure I would feel exactly the same way if my parents did something like that.

So those were the two interesting sites for the night. It was fun being out at the bars with Kristin, but they're not a place that I would make a habit of frequenting. I'm just not that big of a bar fan. I don't really drink much at all. It's always so freaking loud at the bars that you have to pretty much scream to converse with the person next to you, and there isn't too much entertainment besides watching drunk people an occasionally dancing. I dunno, I guess it just isn't my thing really.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with Kristin, watching the season opener of Smallville, watching Kill Bill 2 (which I thought was disappointing), going mall crawling, and taking care of "Chewie" the kitten. All in all, a pretty fun time. It was certainly refreshing to be able to relax for a weekend as I'd been keeping pretty busy working with the basement the last week and a half or so.

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