Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dealing with the Water Damage

It's been a long process, but we're making progress in the basement. We have all of the carpet out and laying in the lawn drying out. What was keeping the carpet perpetually wet was the foam padding we had underneath it. Not only did it have the feature of making the carpet feel more cushy when you walked on it, but it also worked as a floor size sponge. We would shop vac on the floor for hours and a short time it would be wet again.

With taking out the carpet, came moving everything around in the basement. Right now, my bed has been taken apart and put in a corner of the new basement while all of my dressers are in various places. When I get dressed in the morning I have to make three different stops. First, I have to go to the toy room/library to get my boxers and socks. Once I have those, I mosey on over to the living room to get my shorts or pants for the day. After that, I head into the new basement to grab a shirt to wear. It's a little bit of a pain, but I don't mind all that much.

Since so many things got wet, and since we had to move around basically EVERYTHING, we used this as an excuse to do some heavy duty cleaning. We have thrown out so much crap over the last couple of days that I'm amazed we had that much junk packed away. To burn up some of the moist and damp materials, my dad and I made a gigantic wood fire and then slowly tossed all of our crap on it. Burning stuff has been one of the more enjoyable aspects of cleaning out the water damaged crap.

We're not even close to done, though, as everything right now is just sitting in stacks and piles on the cement downstairs where it is now dry. We are probably going to take this opportunity to repaint Randy's and my room. We're also going to shop around for some cheap carpet as our insurance only covers a pittance of the damage.

We're also out two computers for the time being, but we've already filed the claim on them so hopefully they'll process it somewhat quickly as I would like to get a computer back to use other than my slow ass work laptop, or having to use my parents' computers for everything I want to do. I'll keep you updated on the progress we made and maybe add some more pictures of the setup we have now. This is going to be a long project, and I've already migrated to the living room for the foreseeable future.

I'm starting to think that our basement might be a small blessing. Over the last couple of weeks, during the workdays I've been finding myself horribly bored and when I get horribly bored, I'm usually unhappy. Since I really don't have anyone outside of my family to spend time with after work, my social life is pretty negligible.

To compound things, my mom takes senior portraits at night, my dad works on the farm until late, and Ryan is usually either hanging out with his girlfriend or talking to her on the phone. This leaves me, Karma (our dog), and Stitch (my kitten) to hang out. As much fun as my pets are, it's hard to have a good conversation or do anything that requires even a small modicum of intelligence with them.

If I don't have lawn to mow, laundry to do, or other assorted chores here at home, I end up either just sitting around playing video games, watching tv, or reading. As enjoyable as those three activities are, they get boring over time. With the flood in the basement, I now have had tasks to do and it's kept me busy for a solid 4 or 5 hours a night and all day yesterday. I'm almost thankful for it because Lord knows what I would have done yesterday had we not had the basement to clean. I wasn't going up to visit Kristin as she had tons of homework to do and was working on Friday and Saturday. I probably would have spent the entire day looking for something to do.

Maybe I was just in a boring rut for a while, but for the next week at least I'm assuming I'll have plenty to keep me busy. It might not be the most interesting stuff to do, but it keeps me busy, and that's better than being bored.

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