Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Starting Up Something New and Different

The progress on cleaning up the water damage has come along nicely. Sunday was an all-day burn. My dad and myself started a bon fire in our fire ring and just continually tossed ruined stuff on it all day. We had that much stuff to burn! It was amazing how much junk we cleaned out.

Now that we have most of the wet, ruined crap cleaned out, we're left with stacks of furniture and boxes and tubs. With harvest season coming up and our insurance not paying for jack, we'll probably redo the basement on our own later on in the winter. What that means is that my room is now the couch in the living room upstairs. I just leave my pillows and blanket in there with a candle on the end table and some books underneath it. Those were probably the three essentials of my room downstairs so I've moved them to the living room to make it feel more homely to me. I should get used to it since I will probably be there a while.

Since I felt like the comic book blogosphere needed it, I started a new comics review blog. The catch with this blog, however, is that I'm reviewing comics that aren't exactly new. Instead, I'm going to take a look at older (80's and 90's) comic series, some that are relatively unknown, and give them a review. It might sound dumb or it might sound awesome depending upon how much you like buying and reading back issues. Check it out if you have a chance. I put a link in the sidebar on the right in case you want to get to it in the future.

Other than having a lot to do in the cleanup category of things at home and doing lots of typing at work, things are finally getting back to normal, I hope. I watched the Vikings get walloped by the Eagles last night. What a disappointment. For having two extremely high caliber offenses, it was a pretty tame game. Minnesota couldn't even put together a touchdown. It was a sad looking team to watch last night.

What really bothered me about the game, though, was the Terrell Owens touchdown catch. It was plain to see that he was bobbling it throughout the catch. He never had possession. The refs called it a TD and then the Eagles kicked the point after as fast as they could. I was surprised that Mike Tice didn't challenge it. As often as he likes to thrown his little red challenge flag around, I thought this was a perfect time for him to do it. If the call would have been overturned I think we would have seen a better game (at least it would be 7 points closer). The most surprising thing, though, after week two is that in our division the Lions are the first place team. I feel like I'm in Bizarro World or something. I'm sure their stay at the top won't last for too much longer, though.

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