Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happy Birthday Kristin!

Since today is Kristin's birthday, I thought I'd do a special post made especially for her. There are a lot of reasons that our relationship has lasted for almost two years and I want you, Kristin, to know how special you are and why it is that I love being with you. Let's get started, shall we?

* You always put up with my crap. Be it when I'm acting like a little kid that wants some candy, when I geek out over some new video game or comic, when I'm grouchy simply because I'm a grouch, or when I pester you because I'm bored. I don't know how you do it sometimes.
* You're gorgeous. 'Nuff said there.
* You're always open to listening to people's problems. On top of this, you actually care about the people you talk to, unlike many people who just feign interest in order to seem nice.
* You do Stitch's voice perfectly and it makes me happy whenever you impersonate him. You also have that cute little baby voice you do. Then again, you also do that "A La La, A La La" thing that annoys me, but you only whip it out when I'm misbehaving.
* You're almost as much of a geek as I am. How often is it you find a girl with the above qualities that also likes playing video games, watching anime, and reading comic books? Next to never is my guess.
* You're easily fascinated by almost anything... a toad, a slinky, eyebrows, a stick, or any other such wonderful thing.
* Even though you don't think so sometimes, you're a lot smarter and talented than you know. Heck, you've even proved me wrong like once, or maybe even twice ;-)
* You're not afraid to go out of your way to do something nice for another person. I can't even begin to count the number of times that you've done something nice for someone "just because".
* You love animals. All kinds of animals (except spiders and millipedes). It's always so cute to see you playing with our baby (a cat, not an actual baby!). I'm sure Stitch misses you and wishes you a happy birthday as well.
* You don't mind just sitting around and being lazy with me. It's really comforting to just sit on the couch and watch the old boob tube with nothing on our minds but enjoying each other's company.
* Sometimes I think my family likes you better than they like me! It would definitely be a lot harder if you didn't mesh so well with my family, but luckily for me you do.
* You've got a good head on your shoulders that houses a lot of common sense, yet you don't let it get in the way of you having fun--you just let it guide you to having fun in a non-stupid way, which is good. Trust me.
* You can play a piano like nobody's business! My ears are in awe every time you sit down to play. I always think the piano serenades that I get when I'm at your house are great.
* You're honest and not afraid to speak what you feel. I know because you've told me on a few occasions things that I probably didn't want to hear, but needed to.

You know, I find that I could keep going and going, but I hope you get the picture. You mean a ton to me and I want your birthday to be a very special day for you. Happy birthday Kristin! Much love from me to you on your special day!

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