Friday, December 10, 2004

Evanescence - Anywhere but Home CD Review

So, after a band has one hit cd with a couple of popular songs on it, instead of releasing a new cd they release a live album? That’s apparently the route Evanescence sees as best. I really can’t see the point of releasing this cd at all because, for the most part, it is just Fallen in a different order, mixed a little rougher, and containing some sparse crowd interaction.

The disc starts off with Evanescence playing some of their heavier tunes to get the crowd into it, and then they start to slow it down with some of their slower moving rock songs, which segues nicely into a two song ballad break that includes their hit “My Immortal”. After mellowing out, they bust into their biggest hit, “Bring Me to Life”. The only difference here is that instead of the vocals of the 12 Stones guy, their guitarist does it, but not quite as good. He does a passable job emulating the original vocals, but it just doesn’t sound the same, especially since he whispers some of the previously screamed passages. Cue a couple more rocking tunes to close out the show and then it’s all over. Well, there’s also a new studio track at the end, “Missing”, another ballad in the vein of “My Immortal” and “Breath No More”. It’s a very throwaway tune that was probably a B-side from the last album that they tossed on here to give it some modicum of added value.

I should also note that this disc comes with a dvd of their live performance. It also has their music videos on it, so if you haven’t seen them or their live show and care to, maybe this cd/dvd combo pack is worth the purchase for you.

So again I ask, what was the point of releasing this cd? Wait, hold on a second, I think I might have it—money. Since Evanescence broke it big, why not cash in on their popularity by recycling the same songs that have already been released but in a live form? It’s a lot easier to simply record a concert and clean it up a little in the mixing room as opposed to writing an entire new album. Anyways, I guess if you really like Evanescence or haven’t picked up Fallen, then this might be an ok purchase. No, never mind, it’s really not. Just pass on this one.

1.75 out of 5

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