Saturday, December 11, 2004

Logos from Old Version of Site

As I was photoshopping the Alien Loves Predator cartoon that I put up in my last post, I got to thinking about all of the logos that I used to photoshop together for the old version of my site from like a year or two ago. I went looking back through them this morning and realized that some of them really sucked, but other ones were ok. My photoshop skills back then were pretty minimal and I only knew a few different techniques to use, but I always enjoyed playing around in it.

Since I wasn't feeling so well today, dealing with a headache and some slight nausea, I grabbed all the logos on my hard drive and put them into a photo album to view here. I'm also going to be putting all of the photos I used to have up on my site into photo albums so they're a lot easier to view. I have two other ones up. One is of the damage to our basement from the flood rains here and the other is of my picture from our family's vaction to South Dakota this last summer here.

I found the best piece of free software for making photo albums of digital pictures is Jalbum, a free Java based creation tool. It's very customizable, but it can also be a little user unfriendly to people who aren't super comfortable using computers.

When I get a chance to update my site's template, I'm going to put a permalink over on the right to a page listing all of my photo albums so for my family, friends, and random visitors that want to get to my photos can.

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