Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Reflux - The Illusion of Democracy CD Review

Back when I was reviewing Blessed by a Broken Heart, I made the comment that the metalcore genre needs to evolve if it doesn’t want to become nothing more than another “has-been” genre that simply acts as a graveyard for bands that are behind the times. After writing that review, I received The Illusion of Democracy by Reflux. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect because Reflux is a band that’s evolving metalcore and taking it to another creative level.

At its core, Reflux are a metalcore band, but they have seamlessly fused pieces of other genres to the metalcore framework to create an altogether new beast. Their style of metalcore is extremely precise, at times taking cues from the technical metal genre, a la Meshuggah. There is also a very strong underlying space rock/indie rock flavor to some of their music. To make things even more interesting, there are a couple of songs on here that sound like what I’d imagine a metalcore jam band must sound like. Throughout all of this, Reflux will pound the shit out of you with their bludgeoning and powerful playing, as well as scream your ears off with their more intelligent than your average band anti-establishment lyrics.

Seeing as how more than a couple metalcore/hardcore bands have gone the space rock route (Codeseven and Cave In are two great examples), I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reflux going the same direction in a couple of years as they have the playing prowess to do so much more than stick to only the metalcore genre. Don’t take this statement the wrong way—Reflux is very well suited to playing in the metalcore genre, but they have so much talent that exploring other avenues might be an interesting endeavor. That being said, Reflux are easily the most talented metalcore band playing right now, as well as simultaneously being a wonderfully unique musical animal.

It is going to be extremely tough for any new metalcore band, or existing band for that matter, to present a cd that will eclipse the audible masterpiece that The Illusion of Democracy is. Buy this cd as soon as you can! It comes with my highest recommendations.

*this review also published on Decoy Music

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