Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Walmart SO Sucks

Ok, so for anyone who knows me it's not a new thought that I detest Walmart. I never go there unless I absolutely have to. Well, on one of those absolutely have to trips I made yesterday I saw they had some photo printers on clearance. Well, I've been looking to possibly get one of those since I only have a digital camera and would like to sometimes have prints made from my photos. Seeing that they had a Sony photo printer for 50% off, I bought it.

After buying it I did some research online and found that it would cost about $0.90 per picture that gets printed with this photo printer, and that's not taking into account the $100 the printer itself cost. To me, that seemed a little pricey for each print, even though I had the convenience of making my own prints whenever I so chose to. After looking around, I found Snapfish, which will print digital pictures into prints for $0.19 a print (plus like $2 or $3 shipping per batch of photos). I also saw that Target will make prints from your digital pictures for less than doing it myself, but much more expensive than Snapfish. After doing this research, I decided that the benefits of having my own personal print maker didn't offset the price of making them, so I decided to take back the printer today, which is only one day after I purchased it.

I went into Walmart, gave the cashier my receipt and the items and told her I'd like a return. So far only about a minute has passed between me entering the door of the store and her giving me my refund--a nice, quick customer service experience I thought. Then she said she had to have someone from electronics look it over. I told her it hadn't been open and I only just got it here yesterday, but she insisted on having an electronics worker look it over. Why? The box hadn't been opened and you could clearly see this.

So I figured I'd let her have someone look at it so I could get my friggin' money and get back to work. So I waited... and waited... and waited. She called electronics like every 3 minutes but no one came. I told her that it hadn't been opened so she shouldn't need anyone to look it over. No, someone definitely needed to look it over.

Since the electronics guy was taking forever to get there, she pushed my stuff aside and proceeded to help about 8 people that were in line. Finally, after 35 minutes of standing there, trying not to jump over the counter and strangle the hell out of the cashier with tape from the tape dispensor on the right of the scanning wand and slightly behind some gift cards--the electronics person arrives. He apologizes for the wait, looks at the box, checks it over quickly, and says it's just fine. Yep, I already knew that it was just fine... BECAUSE I HAD NEVER OPENED IT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. YOU JUST WASTED OVER HALF OF THE LUNCH BREAK I HADN'T EVEN PLANNED ON TAKING. I HOPE YOU DIE. I HOPE YOU DIE TERRIBLY. IF YOU DON'T, I HOPE YOU WORK AT WALMART FOR THE REST OF YOUR FRIGGIN' LIFE AND HATE EVERY LAST SECOND OF IT YOU STUPID CRAP EATING IMBECILE!

*Sigh* Ok, now that I've gotten that out there, I can go back to work and not think solely about killing someone.

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