Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Penis Land

Rick: so, an online pen retailor decided that a good company name would be "Pen Island" Now when you put that into url form and look at it closely, what does it appear to read instead? ""
Nate: yeah, but i'll bet they got a lot more hits that way
Rick: yeah, i suppose. i just find it hilarious. can you imagine the board meeting where they came up with that name?
Nate: i can guarentee there was a disgruntled engineer and tech writer snickering the back of the conference room.
Rick: hahahaha, no doubt... actually, probably just an engineer b/c the tech writer tries to skip every meeting possible
Nate: heh. yeah, and what would a pen company need a full time tech writer for anyway? Step 1: Click. Step 2: Write. If any problems, repeat steps 1 and 2.
Rick: True

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