Monday, January 24, 2005

A Weekend with Underminded

Other than the giant-ass blizzard we had over the weekend and the fact that my arm wasn't getting better, it was actually a pretty good time. Saturday afternoon the guys from the band Underminded stopped in along with Aaron from Decoy and Jared from college. Underminded just finished up a tour in Canada and were leaving for a tour in Europe on Sunday from Rochester, so they came down and stayed for the day. They would have made it Friday evening if not for the crapload of snow that rained down on almost all of Minnesota over Friday and Saturday.

With Kristin gone and not many people I know here around Rochester, it was actually very nice to have my house filled up with friends for a day. It had the feeling of a college atmosphere, which is something I miss. Having people to sit around and play Halo 2 with, to watch a movie with, to talk with, to watch play music, and to just have around was a jumpstart that I needed. With the constant aching in my arm and the forced isolation because of it, I think just having friends around did a better job of making my arm feel better than any amount of ibuprofen.

It was a great time and I hope they have a fun tour in Europe. I'm 110% jealous, but I'll get to hear all about it when they get back in mid-February. Around that time, I think they're also going to try to play somewhere in the Twin Cities. It'd be nice to see them play again since I haven't seen them play live since Warped Tour (playing in my mom's studio doesn't count since there was no crowd to rip it up).

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